Villány red wines in Trybuszon Polish wine magazine

The Top 3 Villány red wines in Trybuszon Polish wine magazine

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2Bratanki – meaning 2Friends referring to Hungarian and Polish friendship – is a Polish retail, tasting venue and online store with the largest selection of Hungarian wines. Tomasz Witkowski, the executive manager of 2Bratanki sent to Trybuszon tasting panel some red wines from Villány, the southernmost wine region of Hungary. Let us introduce the 3 best wines according to Trybuszon tasting panel with their tasting notes (translated from Polish by DeepL).

A Gere Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique, 2018

Grape variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
Importer: 2Bratanki (DV Poland)
Price: 100 PLN
A lighter, brighter shade of red. As for the nose, it is sublime and less overwhelming. The palate is on the fruity side, although there is also oak – and rather used, not new –, but discreetly and skilfully used. There are also herbs and notes of camphor. Beautiful,silky and refined tannin, emphasising the already excellent acidity and juiciness. The wine enters its best phase, and it has a long ageing potential.

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Heumann Terra Tartaro 2015

Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon 45%, Merlot 30%, Cabernet Franc 25%
Importer: 2Bratanki (DV Poland)
Price: 150 PLN
A classic example of a great wine. It is complete, balanced, structured, firm, acidic, juicy, and fruity on the nose and on the palate with an additional sense of body and weight, yet manages to retain freshness thanks to notes of blackberry and plum. Fruitiness, pronounced tannins, spiciness, mint, leather – all underlined by a long finish.

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Vylyan ‘Mandulás’ Villányi Franc Super Premium Válogatás 2017

Grape variety: Cabernet Franc
Importer: 2Bratanki (DV Poland)
Price: 160 PLN
Dense, dark cherry colour. On the nose chocolate, sour cherry, leather, mint – all in great balance. Juicy mouthfeel corresponds well to the nose. The barrel ageing of the wine is underlined by vanilla notes; fine-grained tannin, for the time being slightly distant from the whole. A round, rich wine, everything is in its place.

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Experts of the panel tasting: Maciej Sokołowski, Maciej Katarzyński, Maciej Moszyński, Aleksander Kubiak, Jacek Kulzaand Tomasz Szmajter.

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In the name of the Villány producers we would like to thank Tomasz Witkowski for all his passionate work and we are happy to raise our glass together in Villány at the upcoming Franc & Franc conference on 24-25 November.


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