Their first red wine immediately makes it to a Michelin star restaurant

Babarczi Winery in Pannonhalma wine region is famous for its reductive white wines. For many years we adored their juicy Rhine Riesling, loved their yummy Irsai Olivér, cherished their enchanting Sauvignon Blanc and then, all of the sudden this „white winery” came out with a Kékfrankos. It is a fruity, easy drinking lovely wine with vibrant acidity. So the winery can make light red wine, too, understood. But now the Babarczis suprised their followers again: they have just released their first premium red wine, Pannonhalmi Merlot 2017Another surprise: the wine has become a hit instantly! The 125 year old Gundel restaurant has put the brand new Merlot on its wine list, what’s more, the Michelin star ’Borkonyha’ (’Wine kitchen’) has listed Babarczi Merlot as well, and as Krisztián Juhász sommelier commented, Babarczi Panninhalmi Merlot is really popular, customers like it very much! „Deep ruby in colour, a bouquet of full fruit balanced by sweet spices slowly unfurls: ripe plums and mulberries, hints of blueberries followed by cloves, vanilla, cinnamon and cedar layered with cocoa beans and dark chocolate. A mellow ripe grape with smooth tannins and notes of plum jam, chocolate and delicate wood with a lingering gentle woody finish. A young but big wine with serious aging potential, the perfect match for duck, goose and even venison dishes.”


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