Thousand plus one times great wine

’Ezerjó’ is a Hungarian indigenous variety with slightly aromatic notes on the nose, juicy palate and high acidity. The name is literally ’thousand good’, and the variety is mostly grown in Mór wine region, but Kunság region is also remarkable, especially FrittmannWinery, which has created a late harvest wine of this variety. The name of the wine is 1000 jó, the name of the variety written creatively. Perfect balance of residual sugar and acidity. The wine is ideal with the season’s most favourite dish, the carnival doughnut. Dezső Szünder wine writer made the usual doughnut with orange blossom water – and the pairing was perfect. To taste the whole selection of Frittmann wines the best is to visit them in Soltvadkert, a small town of a one and a half hour’s drive from Budapest – the „capital of Kunság wine region”. The family winery have six rooms to stay, and the modern winery is really spectacular. Frittmann Winery is also open for winlovers who want to taste and learn, their wine tasting with 10 wines costs only 4700 HUF (15 euros), advanced registration is needed.

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