Tokaji Aszú as a summer wine? Yes!

In the heat of the summer we do not really feel like drinking sweet wine, however, Tokaji Aszú is a different case. The golden colour of the wine brings sunshine even when the sky is cloudy, the aromas and flavours are abundant from dried apricot through citrus fruits to date, fig or walnut. But the strongest argument pro Tokaji Aszú is its vigorous, refreshing acidity, which elevates the wines and balances the extraordinary amount of residual sugar. As for the temperature, some say that sweet wines should be consumed at room temperature. Don’t believe them and chill your Tokaji Aszú like other dry white wines and drink slowly, drop by drop.

Two decades of golden years

Patricius Winery has a 20 year long history of making award winning Tokaji Aszú wines, this 2016 vintage is not an exception – but certainly it is an exceptional wine. Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos 2016 has just won another gold medal at the 21st VinAgora International Wine Competition. Its 194 g (!) residual sugar is amazingly balanced by its 11.4 g acidity. “Nicest aromas of botrytized berries followed by enormous, high structure and full body. Long, smooth, endless taste and exceptional deepness of peach, apricot and fig character.  Full of Tokaj.”

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The lucky 300

Some 250–300 wine people are lucky enough to enjoy summer and wines at the same time at the 20 year old Patricius Winery this Sunday, since the estate hosts the 3rd Hungarian Gettogether event, featuring wineries from all over Hungary. Babarczi, Borbély, Csányi Winery, Grand Tokaj, Koch, Lajver, Paulus, Sanzon Tokaj, Tóth Ferenc Winery, Sauska, Vylyan, Zsirai will exhibit and guests can taste Villányi RedY and Villányi Franc wines at the Villány community booth, plus some extra bottles from Italy, France and Spain will also be opened.

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