Tokaji Aszú & Sparkling Wines at the end of the year

Exclusive tasting in Buddha-Bar, Budapest

On 27 December the coolest hotel of Budapest, Buddha-Bar will host a festive tasting. The event is scheduled around Christmas season, because during Christmas we tend to consume more of our precious golden Tokaji Aszú, while on New Year’s Eve it’s high time for sparkling wines. Tickets cost 7900 HUF (25 euros) in advance, and must be purchased in advance because the location can allow limited quantity of attendees, only 200 people. Visitors can taste wines and sparkling wines (including cavas and proseccos) free with their admission ticket, while items poured in the so called Champagne Skybar are to be paid. Wines of iconic Tokaj producer, István Szepsy will be offered in this section as well.


Teleki Tradíció – a new release by Csányi Winery

The event is sponsored by Teleki Tradíció, a brand new méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine made in Villány. László Romsics, CEO of the winery had previously been chief winemaker of Törley sparkling winery, and has always been a fan of elegant and elaborated sparkling wines. His very first sparkling is made of Pinot Noir, and since we had the chance to taste it twice, we can assure our readers that this brut sparkling rosé is a superelegant wine with subtle bubbles and persisting, refreshing fruitiness (peach, orange, red berries and citrus fruits). Airy, gracious, lovely. A must for all sparkling lovers.

Tokaj & Sparkling – Garamvári Tokaji Furmint Brut

Vencel Garamvári was the first producer to make a bottle fermented sparkling wine of 100% Furmint, and he still produces this sparkling wine made of grapes grown in Tokaj wine region – with great success. „Character-based fruitiness of the varietal can be sensed alongside the dynamic acids. Quince, citruses, mango tastes combined with sweet spices like cloves and cinnamon.” Garamvári Winery has a wide portfolio of sparkling wines including the VinAgora Champion awarded Garamvári Brut Nature and the „optimal blend” called Garamvári Optimum Brut.

Sparkling wine from where you would not expect – Koch Chardonnay Brut

2016 vintage was an ideal one, thus Csaba Koch in Hajós–Baja wine regionstarted to fulfill this dream: with the help of a Russian expert he conducted the sparkling production in his own winery. Manual riddling and bottle fermentation took place in the winery as well. No expedition liquor was added, the sparkling wine is still brut, because the base wine had a little residual sugar. The resulting sparkling wine is elegant, rich in flavours, has a creamy texture, fine bubbles. As Dr. József Kosárka wine expert and international wine judge describes: „Intense on the nose. The palate reminds us of the flavours of the classic sparkling wines with fruity notes. Vibrant acidity, subtle, featherlight bubbles. Medium long finish, freshness and elegance.”

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