Top 3 prestige red wines from Hungary

Hungarian print wine magazine called VinCE dedicated its August panel tasting to the top red wines of the country. As the editors put it into words, „they are looking for wines to keep until the most important occasions, eg. the wedding of our children. As the experts in the panel emhasized, there were far less overextracted and overoaked wines than they had expected, Hungarian winemakers seem to be much more moderate with oak usage and extraction than they used to be. In the brilliant flight of wines the 3 ones with the perfect balance got the highest evaluation called VinCE Award (5 stars). Let us introduce these really prestigious red wines (all of them got 5 stars, the order is merely alphabetical).

Cuvée 7 Siklós, Sauska, Villány, 2015

Merlot & Cabernet Franc

VinCE evaluation: Deep ruby and purple. Intense, overwhelming nose rich in spices and full of forest fruits. Chocolate, cocoa, plum, blueberry. Great complexity, mediterranean character. Full bodied, well structured wine with a lot of ripened fruit. Good usage of barrel, wonderful balance, long finish.

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Duennium, Vylyan Vineyard and Winery, Villány, 2012

Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah

VinCE evaluation: Deep ruby with garnet rim. Well matured, complex, mediterranean nose with blueberry, black berry, dried fruits, sour cherry jam. Perfect balance, vibrant acidity, silky tannins. Black fruits and sweet spices on the palate as well. Subtle barrel use, spotless harmony!

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NJK, Kovács Nimród Winery, Eger, 2011

Kékfrankos, Syrah

VinCE evaluation: Deep ruby colour. Intense, complex, picante, spicy nose with ripened fruits – blueberry, blackberry, plum – along with chocolate, vanilla, tobacco, cedarwood and earthy notes. Full bodied wine with firm structure, good balance, vibrant acidity. Balanced barrel spices in harmony with the sweetish fruity notes. Concentrated and long!

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