Top 4 Mundus Vini from Hungary

Dry whites are also to watch for!

Hungarian wineries seemed to enjoy the summer not bothering about sending samples to wine competitions. Mundus Vini Summer Tasting had 4311 samples from all over the world, Italy was the most successful with 483 medals. Hungary won only 4 medals, but certainly we are proud of them. And it is great to see dry white wines on the top: Hungary has numerous indigenous white varieties, which are capable to give wines reaching international high standards. Let us introduce the winners!

Gold winner: Tóth Ferenc Egri Leányka Superior, Eger, 2016

Leányka is one of our indigenous gapes.Golden colour wine moving fresh and young in the glass. Late harvest characteristic on the nose; quince, dried apricot, peeled apple and dates. Its very exciting character shows off on the palate as well. Same fruits as on the nose however the dominant acids overwrite the sweetish taste. However, at the background we feel the gentle stroking of alcohol sweetness complemented by vanilla flavour in the aftertaste. Very long finish.


Gold winner: Bio Juhfark, Dobosi Winery, Balaton Uplands, 2017

Juhfark is another exciting indigenous white variety of ours. Pale yellow colour with greenish tones. Medium intensity on the nose with mild mineral character, green apple and citrus fruits. Elegant, defined acidity. The palate is dominated by citrus fruits with a touch of bitterness. Juicy wine with good concentration and long finish.

(The fact sheet is about the previous vintage, will be updated soon.)

Silver winner: Alex Cuvée, Chateau Teleki, Csányi Winery, Villány, 2015

Dark ruby colour with a rim of the colour of the pomegranate. In its complex, exciting nose the lush, ripened fruit harmonizes with the toasted, chocolate notes – and all these aromas are embraced by the charming world of sweet spices. On the palate it is full bodied, velvety and developed. Rich of forest fruit flavours and subtle oaky, spicy notes. Complex and enjoyable wine.

(The fact sheet is about aprevious vintage, will be updated soon.)

Silver winnery: Dry by Tokaj, Mad Wine Ltd., Tokaj, 2015

The wine is made of Furmint, the flagship white variety of Hungary with some Muscat in the blend.

Congratulation to the medal winners!

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