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Female beauty to celebrate Women’s Day

Attractive, vivid, bright, elegant, gracious, stunning – these adjectives are often used to describe wines, so are they to depict women! Thus now we are presenting some wines which reflect female beauty both on the label and inside the body.

  • A generous lady – Frittmann Generosa

    ’Generosa’ is a grape variety rarely used anywhere, unique in Hungary as well. The Hungarian Generosa is a cross as well, but between Ezerjó (important in Mór and Kunság wine regions) and Piros Tramini (Savagnin Rose). The objective was to create a grape easier to grow and easier to enjoy its wine than that of Ezerjó. And is the lady really generous? Absolutely! Regarding aromas and flavours, she gives us plenty! Generosa by the Frittmann brothers in Kunság wine region is a fresh, easy drinking, lovely wine: “It is a wine with light straw yellow colour. Its fragrance is dominated by fruitiness, mainly peach and pear. Alcohol, acids and the body provide a mild but opulent character in structure. There are yellow-fleshed fruits and refreshing citrus aromas appearing on the palate. All these features result in a well-consumable and really cheerful wine.”

Rosé wines are often associated by women, and it is absolutely understandable: fresh, vivid, crispy, full of joy and full of life, like a teenager girl. Freshness and elegance is a typical characteristic of Pinot Noir as well, so a Pinot rosé has every chance to be charming and attractive, especially if it is handled with great care, fermented at controlled temperature. Etyeki Kúria labels wear traditional cross stitch embroidery figures, and the rosé has a figure of a girl – trendy and traditional at the same time. And the wine? „Nose full of fresh red berry fruits reminiscent of strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant. Crispy, elegant acidity, modern, youthful character, good length.”

„Long time ago, when Hungary was invaded by the Turkish, there lived a beautiful young girl, Magita, who was not only beautiful, but brave as well.” This exciting wine is dedicated to the memory of this legendary lady of the village Erdőbénye. The late harvest dessert wine is a bland of Hárslevelű, Furmint and Yellow Muscat. The blend is made of 67% Hárslevelű, 30% Furmint and 3% Sárgamuskotály with all varieties fermented separately. 50% of the Furmint is aged in oak barrel. The resulting blend is complex, attractive, round, harmonious wine with a touch of botrytis. The aim is to capture the flavours of the overripened grapes in a balanced blend, where the three varieties complement each other.  Read the whole story of Magita

  • With the promise of a matured woman – Tóth Ferenc Egri Leányka

    Leányka (meaning ’little girl’) is an indigenous grape variety in Hungary, it usually gives slightly aromatic, easy drinking wines. However it is capable of complex, layered wines as well, and here is a great example – with a Mundus Vini gold medal. After destemming and light crush must was settled for a day then fermented under controlled 10 Co cold temperature. After fermentation base wine was fined and put into 5 hl oak barrel and 20 hl traditional cask for 10 months. Then wine was blended into stainless steel container. The first superior category leányka wine of the winery. „Clear, middle intensive golden yellow coloured. Surprisingly multilayered aromas. Honey, herbs, flowers and some peach on the nose. Fine, already integrated acids, a little citrus and fruits on the palate. A smooth wine with grape flower finish. Pleasantly stroking alcohol sensation and sweetness in the aftertaste.” Read the story of the label

  • To be cherished – Csetvei Baba Rosé

    ‘Baba’ meaning Baby is used to call someone’s beloved girlfriend, but the first meaning is of course of that of a little child. There is a third meaning: a slang word for something good, just like ‘cool’. Krisztina Csetvei makes mostly white wines, rosé is just a small proportion of the production, made of indigenous Kékfrankos (Blaufrankisch) grape. 2017 vintage Baba Rosé is outstanding full of cherry and strawberry on the nose, freshness and zesty flavours on the palate. The label has only one letter of Baba, a B or an A, and only one baby foot. So you have to buy at least two bottles, but better to have four, to have the whole word. If you taste it, you will want more anyway!

Tasting with female winemakers today

8 March, International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political – just like in Budapest today afternoon, when a walk around tasting will take place with only female winemakers!

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