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Top 9 Hungarian Wineries on Instagram

The usage of social media is indispensable nowadays. In Hungary Facebook is the No1 social media platform, while in many countries Twitter is more popular. Instagram is getting stronger and stronger in our country – probably it is a global tendency –, simply because “one picture tells more than 100 words”. We have checked the Instagram page of our partner wineries, and now we will present the 9 wineries with the highest number of followers. Let’s see how they communicate, why they are successful!


9. Paulus Wine House

4132 followers, 128 posts

The winery is situated in Mór wine region, a first generation winery, a love project of a passionate businessman. Most of the posts are funny moments from the life of the winery. Exciting insider infos, hilarious videos, great stories and of course pics of products. In the photo the owner is opening a bottle of sparkling wine – with some difficulties.

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8. Gere Attila Winery

4469 followers, 488 posts

Villány icon winery pays attention to everything: state of art winery, stunning wine hotel, amazing wine bar, superb restaurant – and of course they do well in the online space as well. On Instagram Gere Attila Winery mostly posts elaborate, mouth watering photos of wines, meals but they also share several personal thoughts illustrated by a photo of one of the family members, mostly Andrea Gere, daughter of Attila Gere.

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7. Kristinus Estate / Florian Zaruba

4673 followers, 359 posts

The state of art estate is located on the south of Lake Balaton, and its Instagram is managed by the CEO itself, under his own name, Florian Zaruba. The winery is converting into a fully biodynamic estate, and the concept is reflected in the photos. We can see horns for the biodynamic preparations, healthy vines with cover crop and Florian’s dog is a regular star of the pics.

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6. Hilltop Neszmély

5481 followers, 302 posts

Hilltop winery is actually on the top of a hill not far from the river Danube, therefore the breathtaking view is one of the main themes on their Instagram page. The beautiful surrounding, the amazing wine hotel with a pool, the meals of the restaurant are also regulars along with happy guests (in many cases the happy bride, because Hilltop is a popular wedding venue). The photos reflect the good mood visitors can enjoy at Hilltop – or when tasting Hilltop wine elsewhere.

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5. Vylyan Vineyard and Winery

6037 followers, 736 posts

Vylyan is probably the most artistic winery: contemporary artists create the labels, write stories related to the wines, paint barrels for the permanent exhibition of the winery. No wonder, the Instagram page is also abundant in professional, gorgeous photos. We also get insight into every day life of the Villány estate.

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4. Teleki Wines (Csányi Winery)

6365 followers, 214 posts

Again a Villány winery, in fact the largest estate of the southern Hungarian wine region. The pics aim to bring younger generation closer to Teleki wines (Zsigmond Teleki famous viticulturist is the founder of the winery). Most of the photos feature Teleki bottles in different situations, and pics are like selfies of youngsters – again reflecting the concept that the wines are accessible and that drinking wine is cool, much cooler than drinking some sweetened long drink.

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3. Lajver Wine Estate

9353 followers, 521 posts

All the posts are made with the same concept: to share the “Lajver experience”. The joy of being together, laughter, dance, party. And indeed: Lajver is a regular venue of large parties, festivals, picnics, so many followers have already had the opportunity to get first hand experience of the Lajver feeling. The photos are marked by Lajver logo – a useful identification, especially if the post is shared further.

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2. Sauska

10 400 followers, 478 posts

The posts are a mix of everything: professional photos often featuring models, insider pictures of the every day life of the winery or snapshots from the kitchen of the restaurant of the estate. The cute lambs also appear in several photos – they help “maintain” the vineyard in Villány. Sauska sparkling wines from the Tokaj estate have their own Instagram page, but the amazing sparkling wines are featured on the main Sauska Instagram page as well.

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1. Thummerer Winery

10 500 followers, 225 posts

The winner winery – based on the number of followers – is from Eger, and they prove that the number of followers do not depend on the frequency of posts. Thummerer is definitely a love brand, it has been one of the most famous wine brands for more than three decades, a family winery – and they also manage the Instagram page very well. The photos mostly feature bottles, and sometimes they share photos of their customers (clever idea!).

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