Vegan Missy from Eger

Leányka (literally ‘Little Miss’) is an autochthonous grape variety in Hungary and it is highly popular in Eger wine region. It is usually one of the components of the new Eger community blend called Egri Csillag (‘The Star of Eger’). Tóth Ferenc Winery has released a 100% Leányka – which happens to be 100% vegan!

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Wine is obviously made of grapes, yet during vinification some animal-derived products – e.g for fining the wine. Tóth Ferenc Winery made its popular, entry level white wine to please the group of growing number of vegans with the wine made entirely suitable for them.

The grapes were harvested in Almagyar cru mid September, from 30 year old vines. Tóth Ferenc Egri Leányka 2020 fermented and aged in stainless steel until bottling in February.

“Straw-yellow, intensely fragrant wine. The aromas of white flowers alternate with the scent of gooseberry, passion and jelly candy.” (by Adél Bernáth-Ulcz from CsokiLaBor).

And the retail price is only 4.30 euros, for club members only 3.8 euros.

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Bonfire on Saint John’s night

The best way of shopping Leányka is to visit the winery and buy the wine on the spot. The old underground cellar is well worth a visit, and the family run estate has recently created a new venue for gatherings, on top of Síkhegy (‘Flat Mountain’), and it is called ‘Tóthék’ (the Tóths). We have imagined what a place would look like underneath, full of loungers, with a pretty well and a big telescope, with soft music, fine wines and some snacks, as we watch the sunset. This place means no more to me than the hub of the universe.”

On 19 June winelovers are invited to enjoy the sunset together and sit around the magic fire. Entrance is free but registration is needed. Participants will receive a welcome wine and can purchase wine for the rest of the night (from 3 pm to 10 pm). Transfer is provided.

Register here:

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