Vince Day – weekend full of wine & Villány


Vineyard Getaway in January

In Hungary not only birthdays, but also the so called „namedays” are celebrated. Every first name has a dedicated day, for example men called András celebrate on 30th November, while women called Mária celebrate on 15th August. These days are usually associated with a patron, an important figure of Christianity. On Vince day – 22nd January – Saint Vincent is remembered, a martyr from the Iberic peninsula, who was executed under Emberor Diocletianus in the 3rd century. According to legend, after being martyred ravens protected St. Vincent’s body from being devoured by vultures, until his followers could recover the body.

“Hundred times more” wine!

After his death his coat was kept in France, thus his cult started here, and the etimology of his name is part of his popularity: vin-cent is „hundred wine” in French. He is said to be patron of vintners, and if a vine cut on his name day sprouts, it anticipates a good vintage. Winery workers, vintners traditionally got rather drunk on this day visiting each others winery and tasting continuosly while asking God’s blessing ont he vintage – and this tradition was revived ten years ago in Villány, so nowadays around Vince day a whole weekend is dedicated to vineyard tours and winery visits.

Barrel tasting, 4 different routes and wine dinners

This year Vince days is organized on 20th January, and on this Saturday visitors have the choice to choose from several programmes. The website is not translated into English yet, but if you contact the chosen wineries, they will answer to your questions in English.

  1. Morning: barrel tasting at different wineries from 10.00–11.00

You can find the list of wineries here, choose one and contact directly (’barrel’ is ’hordó’, so choos from Hordós Vince wineries).

  1. During the day: vineyard tours with three wineries

    Visitors can choose from 4 different routes. They are transported by bus from one place to another, wine and some food in all three places are included in the price. (15 000 HUF / 47 euros, contact: Registration ends on 15th January! We recommend No1 or No2, because in these two Vylyan vineyard is included. They were one of the first wineries to revive the tradition, and their vineyard games are always a great fun!—variaciok-vincere-2018

  1. Evening: wine dinners at wineries

    You should scroll down until ’Vacsorázó Vince’ meaning ’Dining Vince’ and you will find wineries offering wine dinners. Mandula étterem with Gere Attila wines is a great choice!

Bock Hotel special offer for the weekend

The 4 star Bock Ermitage Hotel offers 2 nights for 2 people for only 72 800 HUF (230 euros), and the package includes barrel tasting and Vince wine dinner as well. Óbor restaurant of Bock Ermitage Hotel has a superb kitchen, and Vince day menu is again a promising one with dishes like „roasted mangalitza cheek with porcini and spinach pearl barley risotto”.
If you are interested, mention Vince day special offer in your e-mail.

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