Visit Thummerer winery and stay in a „glamping”

„Glamping” is a special type of accommodation. The word glamping is made up of the words glamorous + camping, and as this compound suggests, the name stands for a new way of spending your holiday. Nomád Hotel & Glamping in Eger wine region offers diverse wooden holiday houses with all commodities – therefore you can stay as close to nature as possible, and at the same time you can enjoy the comfortable furniture and equipments.

Open day on 28 May

On 28 May, Sunday, the glamping will open its gate for visitors for an afternoon to enjoy the atmosphere of the place, and to taste the gourmet bits offered by the several invited restaurants like Chianti Restaurant from Veszprém or Macok Bistro from the neighbouring Eger. Wines will be poured as well of course, from Kovács Nimród Winery and János Bolyki, two producers from Eger.

Thummerer – an icon for more than 30 years

Noszvaj, the village where Nomád Hotel and Glamping is situated is famous for one of Hungary’s most important wine cellar, a family winery led by Vilmos Thummerer. He was chosen the Winemaker of the Year in 1995, and the winery was also awarded the Winery of the Year in 2011. Their latest award went to Thummerer Egri Bikavér Grand Superior 2012, given by the Circle of Hungarian Winewriters. It is more than worth visiting the winery, which is a spectacular cellar carved in the mountain. If you are there, do not miss their white blend called Egri Csillag, and their new zero dosage méthode traditionelle sparkling wine!

A short video about Nomád Glamping:

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