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Winery Wedding during COVID

Love is an important “ingredient” in the concept of Haraszthy Winery. It is not by accident that the estate has erected the famous sculpture called LOVE in their Vál vineyard. Besides love is in the air – especially when the estate serves as a venue of a wedding. Last summer things were more difficult, but still there were many happy endings!

Dress rehearsal in solitary

Barbi’s love story is amazing: she met her partner with the help of a dating application. Their first date was convincing, thus they went on dating. The fiancé, Ákos planned to propose her in an exotic trip in March, but Covid cancelled the plan – not the proposal! Soon they started planning the wedding, and as Barbi recalls, she had always had a venue in mind: Haraszthy Winery in Etyek. The estate is situated within a 40 minute drive from the capital, and the venue is more than ideal: a large courtyard with a swimming pool, an in house steak restaurant called Matador with a large terrace and surrounding vineyards. The whole organization went smoothly, the only sad part was that the wedding dress saloons were partially closed, the bride had to go alone, in mask, so the rehearsal with best friends and champagne had remained a dream for her. But the most important thing, the big day was perfect and unforgettable with great wines, friends and family. And there was laughter, too, especially when the bridegroom landed in the swimming pool just before midnight, with his tuxedo on...

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LOVE sculpture in a music video

The stunning sculpture called LOVE is created by Ukrainian artist Alexander Milov. This breathtaking piece of art had been erected in Nevada at Burning Man festival in 2015, but now it shines its message of love in Hungary, at Haraszthy vineyard in the commune of Vál.

The Christmas theme song is created by two renowned Hungarian musicians, László Dés and Péter Geszti. The video shooting took place in the Vál vineyard, and a bonfire was lit as well, which happens often – when life is normal. The winery frequently invites its followers to a relaxed outside event with bonfire, something delicious cooked in a cauldron and with great wines, of course.

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Fruit of the ‘Old Hill’

Haraszthy Winery is situated on Öreghegy (literally Old Hill or Old Mountain), a place worth visiting. You walk along rustic, small cellars and on top you finally find something surprising: a state-of-art winery with a swimming pool run by an Argentinian.

Haraszthy Öreghegy is a complex, full bodied, matured white blend – the essence of a summer walk up the hill.

Born on our Öreghegy slopes, this blend of Chardonnay, Szürkebarát, Királyleányka and Zenit grapes is a complex yet delicate wine. This is the last vineyard we harvest to achieve a very rich aroma that carries dried apricot, raisin and nectared notes. This full bodied wine has a creamy structure and a very intense aftertaste.”

The chef recommends to pair the wine with white-fleshed fish or poultry.

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