What Do You Drink – a Tasting Event of Natural Wines

15578036259_12de74b5ea_zCome to Budapest to taste Hungarian natural wines on 12 November! Producing wines from grapes grown in organically farmed vineyards, making great wines without adding any chemicals – a dream for many, a daily struggle for others. In Hungary – as all over the world – a growing number of producers take the issues of nature seriously. Does the outcome taste different? Not likely, but at least you can have good consciousness when tasting these wines…

‘Mitiszol’ (What do you drink) Festival takes place at one of Budapest’s main marketplace, Millenáris Park. The festival focuses on natural drinks and food, therefore the 30 wine exhibitors of 11 wine regions – who are all members of Terra Hungarica, which is an organization of producers of Hungarian natural and authentic wines – will perform their products. Visitors can try non-alcoholic drinks and food as well and they can take part in presentations.

Early bird ticket costs 6900 HUF / 22,5 euros / 25,3 USD (until 12 October)



  • TERRA HUNGARICA wines: Attila Pince // Barta Pince // Bott Pince // Csobánci Bormanufaktúra // Dorogi Pincészet // Gajdos Pincészet // Hollóvár // Hummel Pincészet // Kaló Pince // Karner Gábor // Kasnyik Családi Pincészet // Kékhegy Pince // Királyudvar // Losonci Pince // Mátyás Családi Pincészet // Maurer Oszkár // Meinklang // Orsolya Pince // Pelle Pince // Pók Tamás // Pósta Borház // Ráspi // Somlói Apátsági Pince // Strekov 1075 // Szászi Pince // Szecskő Tamás // Wassmann Pince // Weninger Pincészet // Wetzer Péter

The View

Get a glimpse of Endre Szászi, one of the exhibitors, a winemaker from the north of Lake Balaton, Mount Szent György. He and his wife decided to turn the vineyards into organic partially because of their children, who were playing around the vineyard…





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