Wine Bus every Saturday around Eger

Eger Wine Workshop is a group of quality wineries in Eger wine region, however they are not only great at winemaking, but active and creative as well. They have just launched a bus route, which takes around winelovers to visit the wineries. It runs in every 90 minutes, and one ticket is valid for the whole day. It costs 2000 HUF (5.60 euros), and it contains vouchers which can be used at the wineries (the ticket is divided into 4 vouchers of 500 HUF, one voucher can be used at each winery, so actually the ticket is free). The bus leaves from Thummerer Wine Shop (in the photo) / Gál Tibor Fuzió wine bar, then it stops at ‘Szépasszonyvölgy’ (Valley of the Beautiful Women) where – among others – a tasting cellar of Tóth Ferenc Winery is situated. The next stops are St Andrea, Juhász and Bolyki wineries. It is operated during the summer every Saturday. Tickets can be purchased on board, both cash and card are accepted.

More information and timetable (in Hungarian, but the timetable is universal)

More information about Thummerer Wine Shop

More information about Thummerer Winery

Eger Wine Workshop to help during COVID


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