Wine by the spoon. What???

Yes, a wine bar is great if it offers several wines by the glass. But what about wines by the spoon? There is a wine style that is actually served by the spoon, because of the immense amount of residual sugar. It is called Tokaj Eszencia: “The aszú grapes are hand picked, stored, and the resulting free run juice is fermented over several years. It has very low alcohol (never above 6%) and extremely high sugar (above 450 g/l). It is often referred to as ‘nectar’, this is how it appears in the national anthem of Hungary.” Costes Downtown is one of the Michelin star restaurants in Budapest, where you can taste Eszencia from Béres Vineyard and Winery. It is not cheap, of course, a 0.04 l costs 15.000 HUF (45 euros) but it is worth every drop. “Beauty and harmony. Honey and gold. An exceptional and unrivalled gift for festive moments. A sweet kiss, an intimate embrace.”

Costes Downtown restaurant

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