Wine duett dinner at Araz – the original

Continental Hotel Budapest is one of the best places to stay – this recommendation is based on several personal experiences. 4 star but feels more with its spacious rooms, glamorous lobby, chic café and breath taking wellness venue on the top. The restaurant is led by Áron Barka chef, who created a unique concept for wine dinners: each course is paired with not one, but two wines from two different wineries so that partcipants have a good choice, they can play with flavours and aromas and eventually they can discover their own preferences. The concept has been copied, as it happens to every great idea, but for the original, visit Araz. The last Wine Duett Dinner was based on two wineries from Eger: Thummerer and Tóth Ferenc, while the next one will feature two wineries from two neighbouring wine regions: Ottó Légli from South Balaton and Heimann Family Winery from Szekszárd wine region. The date of Légli–Heimann wine dinner: 19 March.

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