Wines of the Weekend: Best and Best Buy Sparkling Furmint

When it comes to celebrating, we want to toast with great sparkling wine – and we want to make sure that our glass will not get empty too soon. So we had better prepare with a sufficient quantity, but then we realize that price really matters. And the solution? To find a great wine at good price. VinCE Magazine, a monthly print Hungarian wine magazine does the job for you: each December issue lists almost all the sparkling wines available  in the market and after a blind tasting the order is revealed.

The highest scores: Sauska

In this year’s December issue we can see Sauska Furmint Brut Vintage 2015 as the best Hungarian bottle fermented sparkling wine (with the highest score of 17.50 out of 20). “Complex and elegant nose with fresh toast, butter biscuit, summer apple and refreshing citrus fruits. The palate reveals ripened apple and peach with lovely yeasty notes. Brilliant structure, refined acidity. A touch of sweetness makes it even more adorable. Gorgeous and pleasant.”
Sauska wines are available from Bortársaság in Hungary, and they are available in several countries, also in the USA.

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The best buy: Garamvári

The magazine always highlights the best buy product – which is the 4 star wine at the lowest price. This year it happens to be another single varietal sparkling and from the same variety: Furmint. Garamvári Tokaji Furmint Brut 2016 costs less than half of the winner (4125 HUF = 11.5 euros) and its score is also high: 17.00 out of 20. “Pure, floral nose with citrus fruits, peach and elegant notes coming from ageing on the lees: brioche, croissant, fine creaminess. The palate is abundant in ripened apple, pear, biscuit and brioche. Great balance and long lasting fruity finish.”
Garamvári wines are available in Auchan hypermarket and in most wine shops, also. Garamvári wines are also available in several countries, for example in Germany and the Netherlands.

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