Tornai restaurant Somló winter menu

Winter menu at Tornai Winery, Somló

The volcanic Somló mountain is worth a tour in every season. The falling leaves are colourful, the mountain is covered with mist – how lovely it is to enjoy the view from a restaurant where the chef is busy with our plates and meanwhile we can enjoy some new vintage wines…

We visited Tornai Winery in August with our Hungarian WebWineWriting winners, and we must admit, we had the best raspberry cream soup in our lives. Now, as the cold season has arrived, Tornai restaurant changed the menu to offer heartier meals of seasonal ingredients. Rib Eye with „Vadas” sauce and dumplings (see above) is mouthwatering just like the pork loin confit, pear with rosemary and garlic grilled potatoes (below). If you visit Tornai this weekend or the next one, on top of the dishes on the menu you can have the festive St Martin goose menu as well.

St Martin’s Day Goose Menu

– Goose soup with vegetables
Friss Zenit 2020
– Crispy goose leg, potato, braised cabbage in wine
Top Selection Aranyhegy Juhfark 2019
– “Goose foot” dessert (chocolate cake with sour cherry)
Top Selection Grófi Hárslevelű 2017
Price with wines: 8500 HUF (23 euros)

Without wines: 6500 HUF (18 euros)

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Tornai restaurant Somló winter menu

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