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4 October: World Animal Day

Celebrate our non-speaking friends

Did you know that World Animal Day was celebrated first as early as 1925? It was iniated by scientist Heinrich Zimmermann in Berlin, Germany. 4th October is the feat day of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals – just think of the famous movie directed by Franco Zeffirelli called Brother Son, Sister Moon. World Animal Day is an international day of action for animal rights and welfare celebrated annually. Let us join the celebration, cheers to our friends!

Let us introduce the protagonists of our cover photo

‘Naughty’ or ‘Mischevious’

The above words are equivalents of Hungarian word ‘Huncut’, who is a stray cat adopted by Borbély Family Winery in Badacsony. She (or he?, I can’t remember) is not the first stray cat welcome at Borbély estate and for surely not the last. There is another cat there called “Riesling” – no wonder, the winery is specialised in Olaszrizling, and also keen on Rhine Riesling – and this cat a kind of ‘doyen’, but what is the most important: all the cats feel at home with Borbély family.

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Hens and cows

A biodynamic farm (including vinyards) must be paradise for animals. They do some work, but humans also work, so there are equal rights for humans and animals. In return the food is good (healthy, chemical free) and the folks are happy. Kristinus Wine Estate is a great example, they have proved that even larger estates can convert into a biodynamic estate – our guests at the 6th Hungarian Gettogether could see it with their own eyes. In the photo we can see Florian Zaruba winemaker and CEO with a hen.

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A Tokaj dog

More precisely, he is a ‘Mád’ (not mad) dog, since the Tokaj vineyards of Zsirai Winery are situated in the village of Mád. The family winery is managed by Kata and Petra Zsirai, two young ladies. And, of course, there is this four-legged-cutie to help when humans cannot decide. His name is Prézli, which means something like ‘Breadcrumbs’, but in slang. He feels the best among the vines, Kata’s faithful mate. ‘Animal welfare, respect, care’ – this is what Kata commented to the photo. Amen!

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And finally – our own cat

Americans like using the terms “cat person” or “dog person”. Me (Ágnes Németh, editor of this publication) used to be a dog person, I had dogs all my life, I did not even bear the company of cats. They my kids begged to have a cat, and so this amazing creature arrived to our home. A stray cat, he was found in a dust bin with his siblings, and now he is two years old. I think he has found his home with us. He is also a great help when it comes to work…

Coco, the cat of Hungarianwines.eu

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