A brand new vegan wine from Balaton

Padthai wokbar chain in Budapest joined forces with Kristinus Wine Estate to offer vegan wines & vegan food paired for those who do not want to consume anything produced with animal based products.

Green peas instead of egg whites

The number of vegan people is increasing rapidly, many of them with the strict alimentation rules respect the rights of animals,while others avoid animal based products for healthy reasons. Padthai wokbar opened its first restaurant in Budapest 7 years ago, and now 7 restaurants await the lovers of Asian food. „We decided to go against the current paradigms: we believed that a quick meal can also be healthy and high-quality”– says Padthai team and their success gives evidence of their mission statement.

Kristinus Wine Estate from South Balaton exports its wines to 7 countries including Japan and China. No wonder: some of the varieties grown in the vineyards of Kristinus work very well with Asian cuisine, like Irsai Olivér or Muscat Lunel– this latter varietal was used to make the first vegan wine of the estate. As it is well known by winelovers, during the clarification process (before bottling) in most cases animal based product is used. The most common organic compounds used include egg whitescaseinderived from milkgelatin and isinglass obtained from the bladders of fish. Kristinus, however uses a product derived from green peas and potatoes to fine the wine. Muscat Lunel Selection Vegan 2018 is available in all the padthai restaurants.

Floral and citrus notes – summer feeling

Kristinus Lunel Selection Vegan 2018 is made of Muscat Lunel and all the grapes for this wine were harvested in Vári vineyard. After a very short skin contact controlled fermentation took place, the wine was vinified in stainless steel, and thanks to the reductive technology the floral and citrus notes were captured. The resulting wine is fresh and charming, ideal for the summer. How about some whole grain noodle, bamboo shoots and Indonasia satay sauce with the wine?

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