A brave martyr girl – let’s remember her!

Magita 2013

A brave martyr girl – let’s remember her!


Hungary is famous for its beautiful girls. Well, it is definitely true! And our young ladies are not only charming and attractive, but also brave. The story of Magita, a young girl is a good example of it.

Turkish troops invaded Hungary in 1526 and they stayed for quite a long time, for 150 years! The invaders were expelled in 1699. Of course the invasion had positive effects as well, just look at the wonderful Turkish spas all around the country. Our language also preserves some words resembling the Turkish language (’alma’ meaning apple, ’balta’ meaning axe, ’lila’ meaning purple are just some examples of the same word with the same meaning and pronunciation).

However the Turks were not only peaceful spa builders, but they are rather remembered in our history as fierce, cruel conquerors. A legendary young girl from Tokaj wine region was a victim to this harsh era of our history:


egri_noLong time ago, there lived a beautiful young girl, Magita, who was not only beautiful, but brave as well. According to the stories, Magita’s house in the village of Erdőbénye (in Tokaj region) was a shelter where – risking her life – she hid Hungarian refugees. The Turkish nobilities, Don and Onok fell in love with Magita, who – using their blind love – invited them and locked them in the cellar.

The angry Turkish troops took a cruel revenge

spurned the locals and burnt the village down. Magita was buried alive as a punishment. However she had another Turkish admirerer, the old Suta, who dag the grave above a cellar so that Magita survived digging herself downwards. Unfortunately the two fooled nobilities returned, and when noticing the escape of Magita, they began to pursue her. Poor Magita drowned in the lake near the village, and since the two Turks chased her adamantly, they were drowned as well. After they learnt about the death of the two, the desperate Turkish troops left Erdőbénye forever.

Béres Vineyard and Winery dedicates one of their best sweet wine to this legendary young lady. Magita is a late harvest wine made of three typical grapes of the region: Hárslevelű, Furmint and Sárgamuskotály. The winery has a spectacular tasting room worth a visit especially in the autumn, when the view from the huge window of the tasting room has thousand colours.

The village has a hotel of the same name, Magita, also commemorating the young girl whose memory still lives with us.

Painting: ‘Women of Eger’ painted by Bertalan Székely (Eger is a town famous for its castle, where the brave locals defeated the Turks. Women had an immense share of the victory: they are said to have poured hot liquid onto the Turkish soldiers.)

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