Pálma and Csaba Koch

A man with endless energies

Csaba Koch, the new president of Hungarian Wine Academy

The father of the “Happy Grape” concept, a devoted professional with a line of organic wines, Winemaker of the Year (2019), Winery of the Year (2014) and The Best European Winery (2019) by CEUCO. Countless gold medals and always new projects – the most recent is a fresh fruit juice product line. This is Csaba Koch, who has become the new president of the 30 year old Hungarian Wine Academy.

The new title holders

Hungarian Wine Academy has 168 members and these members voted for the new president and the vice presidents. The Academy’s most important role is to choose the Winemaker of the Year from the 5 winemakers collecting the most nominations each year.

Other members of the Academy

Dr. Miklós Kállay honourable president
Kurt István Taschner secretary
Géza Balla vice president
József Bock vice president
Éva Gálné Dignisz vice president
Diána Nyitrainé dr. Sárdy vice president
Beáta Nyúlné dr. Pühra vice president
Csaba Vesztergombi vice president
Dr. József Zelnik vice president

Hungarian Wine Academy 2022

White, rose, red and a blend – but not wines!

Csaba never rests, and their next long time plan is to convert their Villány estate into a biodynamic vineyard. The headquarters is in Hajós–Baja wine region, and the Villány vineyard was only 10 hectares, but by now the size has grown to 60 hectares, and according to the plans Csaba’s daughter, Pálma will take over the Villány estate.

Pálma has also started to collect awards, as reported earlier, and she has definitely collected a nice pack of degrees from universities like Geisenheim or Montpellier.

The latest novelty is the family of fresh fruit juices. “We have to offer something for those, who do not drink alcohol” – explains Csaba the reasons. And the fruit juice flavours? You bet, Csaba is a winemaker, thus he created two whites, a rose and a red juice, plus a blend. One white is Irsai Olivér must with apple, the other is Olaszrizling grape juice with sea buckthorn. The rosé is Kékfrankos must with apple and raspberry, the red is black grape must with forest fruit juices, while the blend is a blend of vegetable and fruit: black grape must with beetroot.
Congratulations to the new president!
More about Koch Winery

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Olaszrizling grape juice with sea buckthorn
Organic Olaszrizling grape juice with sea buckthorn

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