Aladdin, Rocky and Darth Vader meet Sir Irsai

Haraszthy Amphitheater is a breathtaking location within easy reach of the capital of Hungary. Haraszthy Winery has been playing active role in improving the overall services of Etyek, centre of Etyek–Buda wine region. The state of art winery has a great steak house– no wonder, the owner of the winery is from Argentina –, while the Amphitheater adjecent to the winery plant is the home of precious art events. The next event on 6th September is called Cine Magic, a renowned performance by the Symphonic Orchestra of the city of Szolnok, the conductor is the world famous Japanese Izaki Masahiro. Movie favourites will be played from Disney classics, like Aladdin or The Beauty and the Beast through evergreen songs like Godfather, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission Impossible, Superman or Darth Vader theme from Star Wars. Tickets are available also with VIP dinner at Matador restaurant of the winery (21.990 HUF / 67 euros). Certainly Haraszthy wines will be available before and after the concert. Sir Irsai, the refreshing white blend of the winery (85% Irsai Olivér, 15% Királyleányka) is a great start with muscat, litchi and elderflower aromas, fruity and floral tastes.

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