Annual grandiose Tokaj tasting in Budapest

From sparkling wine to 6 puttonyos aszú

On March 24, Corinthia Hotel Budapest five star hotel will showcase more than 150 wines from Tokaj.

When speaking about Hungary, probably Tokaj is the first word coming to your mind. No wonder, the land of more than 400 volcanos has been the source of extraordinary dessert wines for centuries. Kings and other novelties enjoyed the pleasure of drinking our botrytised sweet wines made of indigenous grapes. The world has changed a lot, sweet is less consumed, but Tokaj is prepared for an era with less sugar: the region’s dry wines are gaining ground. On top of that, méthode traditionelle sparkling wines of Tokaj are the „coolest hot” things from the region now! The annual Tokaj tasting takes place in glamorous five star hotel Corinthia, and showcases more than 60 wineries with more than 150 wines. Do not miss exhibitors like Béres, Chateau Dereszla, Grand Tokaj, Pajzos Tokaj or Zsirai Winery.

Tickets on the spot: 10 900 HUF (35 euro)

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Versatile Tokaj

If you thought that Tokaj is only about aszú wines, it is time to learn!

Béres Lőcse Furmint, 2013

This single vineyard dry white is made of 100% Furmint, the flagship wine of Tokaj. A full bodied, elegant Furmint with almond notes, firm acidity and minerality. Elegant vanilla notes resulting from new oak on the nose. When tasting, the mineral terroir notes due to the vulcanic soil can be detected besides the new oak character. It is worth even trying with red meat!

Zsirai Hárslevelű, 2015

Hárslevelű grape is full of flavours, has a good ageing potential, nice acidity, so it has every right to be on that flag of Tokaj… Zsirai Hárslevelű is a beautiful example of the variety with medium gold colour and typical linden flower on the nose with peach and citrus notes. It’s really refreshing on the palate: crispy acidity, fruitiness and a hint of minerality from the terroir.

Dereszla Kabar, 2015

Kabar is much less known than Furmint and Hárslevelű, but a very exciting indigenous grape. Dereszla is one of the very few winery, who makes single varietal wine of Kabar. The linden notes typical of this grape variety are paired with the vanilla aromas from the barrel aging. Lovely, long finish.

Pajzos Tokaj Hárslevelű Late Harvest Selection, 2013

Besides aszú wines, late harvest sweet wines represent a great portion of Tokaj production. Pajzos Tokaj late harvest wine with 240 grams of sugar is a charming wine with tropical and floral fragrance and with the fine spiciness of the acacia. On the palate the honey notes are followed by a silky marzipan flavour.

Grand Tokaj Szamorodni, 2013

Aszú is still the king of Tokaj wines with its immensely layered structure, infinite aromas, crispy acidity to balance sweetness, but Szamorodni, this ancient style is also a must when tasting wines from Tokaj! Elegant, noble botrytis notes on the nose resulting from barrel ageing with vanilla and citrus tones. Caramel creaminess, citrus freshness, refreshing, featherlight fruitiness on the palate. Vibrant, playful balance of acidity, sugar and alcohol. Great length with intensity in the finish.

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