Baby boom in Szekszárd

Szekszárd wine region in Hungary is especially good at working together for the same goal. The second generation of the big names are youngsters, who probably attended the same grammar school or went together to the university of viticulture. These young winemakers have common activites – recently they all gave blood together for example. Sometimes uniting is even more fruitful, like in the example of the young and talented Ildikó Eszterbauer, daughter of winemaker János Eszterbauer. Ildikó has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy called Ágoston – and guess who the father is: another second generation winemaker, Zoltán Heimann, son of senior Zoltán Heimann of Heimann Family Winery.
Let us send our best wishes to the newborn baby and the happy parents! And they are not the only ones in Szekszárd wine families these months, more „winery babies” are expected!

Wines with memories of the forefathers

Eszterbauer Winery shows its respect of the predessedors by depicting them on the labels of the wines as well. Think of Nagyapám (My grandfather), which is a superb Kadarka, as they say „The result of our clonal selection and the fruits of our old vineyards give the elegant and complex flavour” to this wine. Another, lighter Kadarka is dedicated to a brother-in-law long time ago (’Sógor’ in Hungarian). He is shown on the label in a photo shot in 1935 in a harvest scene, and we can spot him wearing a tie even at harvest. ’Öröm’ rosé is Joy in Hungarian, and the label depicts the winemakers grandparents when young and in love, a year before the mother of János Eszterbauer was born. „The soul of our ancestors in bottle” as their slogan says, and we can imagine their future labels with baby Ágoston sooner or later. Anyway, it’s time to open a bottle of Joy and celebrate life!