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“Because I’m Worth It” – Csetvei ZV (GrüVe)

The famous L’Oréal slogan meanwhile turned into “Because You’re Worth It”, but the message is the same. Several smart and beautiful ladies work just as hard as top executive men, there is no doubt they deserve the same respect, reward and luxury. Now time is one of the most expensive luxury items, in the cover photo Zsófia Simon, owner of HolnapOttaBor.hu online wine store celebrates her “me-time” with one of her favourite wines, Zöld Veltelini 2020 by Krisztina Csetvei.

The wine arrives tomorrow!

‘HolnapOttaBor.hu’ is a relatively young wine webshop, its name means ‘The Wine Arrives Tomorrow!”. Zsófia Simon, owner and manager runs the shop with passion and knowledge, the wines are carefully selected by herself. This webshop is one of the few companies who are willing to ship abroad. We, at Hungarianwines.eu have already worked with Zsófia, all the wines arrived at Wine Paris in time, safe and sound! The webshop is in Hungarian, but google can help you and you can contact the shop via email.

‘HolnapOttaBor.hu’ webshop

Going greener, going further

Krisztina Csetvei, the producer of the above mentioned Zöld Vetelini 2020 has just announced that she would start the procedure of getting a certified, organic winery. “For our daughter Panni and for you, our guests, we have just started our path to become an organic producer both in our Mór and Somló vineyards” – says Krisztina in her latest post.

Zöld Veltelini 2020 (Grüner Veltliner) yet is only green in its name, but it was also made with the less possible intervention. Regulars, who have already visited Csetvei Garden could see the flourishing surroundings and the healthy vineyards. As for the wine: The most beautiful Zv bunches were hand-harvested and sorted. It fermented spontaneously in 225L and 500L Hungarian oak barrels and matured for 5 months. Its aroma is dominated by citrus, especially grapefruit, lime and lychee. It is characterized by richness, creaminess and freshness at the same time!

Celebrate the 10th birthday of Csetvei Cellar on 28 August in Mór wine region!

More about Csetvei wines

Csetvei wines are available in several countries through importers

Italy (Vino Ungherese), Poland (Lutomski Vino), Slovakia (VinoBro Weisz), Switzerland (Boár Wines ), USA (Rooted Selections)


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