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Start the day with breakfast in the sunny terrace with a sip of a unique Pinot Gris with some mineral tones from the volcanic soil, then take a walk in the vineyard. After that a little swimming in the pool, then a glass of chilled rosé by the pool. By this time your chef must have prepared the lunch – accompany it with some fruity, elegant Pinot Noir. Listen to some music in the afternoon or take an excursion to discover the geological sites nearby. During dinner – again prepared by your private chef – enjoy the clear, starry sky with some full bodied, complex, long lasting Cabernet Franc. Is it possible? Yes! Now watch the place that can be rented entirely for a week:

Hunting, hiking, wine tasting

Liszkay Wine estate is situated in Balaton National Park in a spectacular village called Monoszló, near Europe’s largest lake. It’s approximately 2 hours drive from Budapest. ’Hegyestű’ geological site is only 4 kilometres from the estate, where you can see the inside of a volcano that worked 8 million years ago. The wine estate is surrounded by a huge hunting area. But the best thing in the wonderful estate is that Liszkay wines are great! His Cabernet Franc Giulia is one of the best examples of the variety. Of course you don’t have to rent the whole estate, you can book only a room, you will still have the unforgettable experience of escaping from the world to a lovely, relaxed resort in rooms like Lavender Luxury or Hunter’s Den Premium.

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