Beer made of wine?

Yes, something like that! Vylyan Vineyard and Winery from Villány wine region (South of Hungary) aims to unite the ever opposing beer party and wine party with a new product. Hërka is a wine of Vylyan made of 100% Chardonnay, while the craft beer called Chërka is made with the grape must of Hërka. The beer was brewed by Mad Scientist, a craft brewery founded in 2016, and awarded The Best Brewery of the Year in 2017. We tried to crossboundaries between wine and beer with this collab together with one of the biggest name among Hungarian wineries, Vylyan. Chërka has been made with a crazy amount of must (young wine) and was super-dry hopped in the end”– say the creators of Chërka, which is an IPA hibrid with a massive alcohol content of 7.5%. Want to taste wine and beer together? Vylyan has made a special pack of 3 bottles of Hërka, 3 bottles of Chërka, plus 3 Chërka beer mats. If you are interested in this unique double pack, contact the winery.

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