Bikavérmousse: the taming of the bull

Katalin Tóth of Tóth Ferenc Winery in Eger has long been practicing the „alchemy” of pairing chocolate and wine, and she has a relatively easy job to do so: partially because the winery has a wide range of wines from the fresh, crispy whites to the aged, full bodied red wines, and on the other hand because she has two friends to help her create the sweet delicacies. Viktória Szeleczky-Takács is a chocolate maker at Fabric Chocolate family chocolate business and Adél Bernáth-Ulcz blogger (CsokiLaBor), the creative mind behind the pairing. Bikavérmousse is a brand new creation of the trio: chocolate ganache is made with butter and cream (without eggs), and then it is flavoured with Tóth Ferenc Egri Bikavér Superior 2017, and served on sponge cake made of cocoa bean flour. Egri Bikavér is the famous red blend of Eger (also known as Bull’s Blood, though nowadays it is rarely translated because the English term refers to low quality, mass produced style of the wine before the 1990s), and at Tóth Ferenc Winery the 2017 blend is made of Kékfrankos, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Kadarka, Pinot Noir and Merlot. „Intense, rich and same taste on the palate as on the nose. The great acidity gives the real Eger character to the wine however the velvety tannins makes the wine pleasantly warm. Fruity taste complemented by slight bitterness of wild plum. A well structured wine with great potential and the promise of a long life.”
Taste Bikavérmousse and Egri Bikavér Superior together (with several other pairings) in Eger (24 January) or in Budapest (14 February).

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Meet Tóth Ferenc Winery at Borjour Magnum on 15th February in Budapest!

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