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Buborczi by Babarczi written by Elizabeth Smith

Bubbles of the Weekend

The US wine writer of Naked Wines arrived at her 5th piece of the series of Hungarian sparkling wines. Here she introduces Dubicz and Babarczi sparkling wines, which are both aerated (carbon dioxide added) wines. Easy going, juicy, refreshing wines for the long, presumably hot weekend. And since we were there when Elizabeth Smith visited Babarczi Vineyard and Winery in Pannonhalma, we can share a secret: a piece of the wine writer’s heart was stolen by this hairy gentleman called Berni… The above photos are kind of “werk photos” to show the scene behind the article, and indeed, there were hardly any photos taken by Elizabeth without the dog.

So what is Buborczi like?

Excerpt from Elizabeth Smith’s article:
Babarczi Buborczi 2021– whose name is the combination of buborék (bubbles) and Babarczi – is a carbonated blend of Cserszegi Fűszeres, Irsai Olivér, and Tramini. The result is a crisp, mouthwatering and aromatic wine that you will be hard pressed to stop sipping. “It is dominated by Irsai, which is very fragrant and aromatic. Cserszegi is strong in acidity, but also aromatic. Fűszeres means spicy. Tramini gives it body,” shared Babarczi. “Fine bubbles caress the palate, while its fragrant fruit flavors and lively acidity make this wine the refreshing drink of the summer.”

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