Christmas wine: Csetvei Drágakő 2021, Somló

We recommend an exciting wine every day until Christmas. Our wine today is Csetvei Drágakő 2021 from Somló. All of the recommended wines are of great quality, have a story and available in several countries. We will explain what the wine is made of and how, why do we suggest it, what to pair with, where you can buy and for how much.

How to pronounce

100% Olaszrizling – the most planted white grape of Hungary, which has a special importance around Lake Balaton, including the volcanic Somló mountain. It is a balanced sweet wine with 7 g / L acidity and 70 g / L residual sugar.

The garpes were harvested by hand. Gentle pressing, quick processing, spontaneous fermentation in barrels and then stopping the fermentation with cooling.

Krisztina Csetvei, owner and winemaker always comes up with new and new witty ideas. Her ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’ family of wines now has a new member: ‘Drágakő’. (Rock means ‘Kő’ in Hungarian and ‘Drágakő’ is ‘Prescious Stone’ or ‘Gem’.) The first sweet wine of my life. The scent is dominated by spices, peaches and honey, not overpowering or cloying. Salty and sweet, light and elegant. I think it is unrepeatable. 

What to pair with
István Oláh chef of Prónay Castle once created a salty caramel cream dessert matching with the wine. We would also try it with a peach cheesecake.

– The simplest way for people within Hungary is to order it from Csetvei webshop.
– Csetvei wines are present in several countries. Drágakő is very limited production, you should visit the winery (the estate is in Mór, another wine region), however other Csetvei wines of great quality and their own personalities are available in many countries: Belgium (Roi de Rois), Italy (Vino Ungherese), Poland (Lutomski Vino), Slovakia (VinoBro Weisz), Switzerland (Boár Wines ), UK (Malux Hungarian Wine and Spirit), USA (Rooted Selections)

How much
– On Csetvei webshop: 7000 HUF (about 17 euro)

More about Csetvei Cellar in
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