Gál Tibr Síkhegy Egri Bikavér

Christmas wine: Gál Tibor Síkhegy Egri Bikavér Grand Superior 2016, Eger

We recommend an exciting wine every day until Christmas. Our wine today is Gál Tibor Síkhegy Egri Bikavér Grand Superior 2016 from Eger. All of the recommended wines are of great quality, have a story and available in several countries. We will explain what the wine is made of and how, why do we suggest it, what to pair with, where you can buy and for how much.

Egri Bikavér (aka Bulls’ Blud) is the famous red blend of Eger wine region. This blend is made of 40% Kékfrankos, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon 15 %Syrah, 10% Kadarka, 10% Cabernet Franc and 5% Pinot Noir.

The garpes were harvested by hand in small casks in the renowned Síkhegy vineyard. Fermentation in wooden vats, 20–30 days on the skin. The varieties were ageing separately in 500 L Hungarian oak barrel for 18 months.

There are several reasons. I was the last one to make an interview with Tibor Gál senior, two months before his tragic car accident. I kept an eye on the winery for many years and it was alsways great to see how mush effort Tibor Gál junior put into the estate. And lately it is again heart warming to see that the young winemaker is ambitious and hard working not only in the favour of his own winey, but also to help develop Eger wine region, the whole community.

And because I love the wine description a lot, it is a refreshing exception among so many dull wine notes: “Impressive, overwhelming and layered. It is almost impossible to describe the myriad notes we can discover. It is enough to believe: this is SÍKHEGY vineyard. Sleek, ethereal wine with unbelievable elegance. Nothing is exaggerated, yet every component is present with astonishing emphasis. It is flowing, swirling, captures you, release you, takes off and catches you again. A pyramid upside down, standing on the tip of a needle.
On JamesSuckling.com it received 94 points.

What to pair with
The winery itself recommends lamb loin and aubergine salad with raisins.

– On Gál Tibor webshop in case you are in Hungary
– On Winelovers Webshop – they ship to every European country!
– In the United States Citadella Imports deals with Gál Tibor wines. You cannot find Síkhegy single vineyard Egri Bikavér in their portfolio, but Pajados, another single vineyard Egri Bikavér is available.

How much
– On Gál Tibor webshop it costs 8400 HUF (20-21 euro)
– On Winelovers Webshop it costs 21.30 euro

More about Gál Tibor Winery on Hungarianwines.eu 
Gál Tibor Winery official website



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