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Gál Tibor Winery

Our philosophy

The best things in life – like wine among other things – must be fully enjoyed and appreciated. Gál Tibor wines are made according to this concept. We are passionate about creating wines that are unique, harmonious and exciting in every sip of them.
We aim to make innovative wines but at the same time we follow our traditions. Nature gives home to our plants, thus our objective is to respect nature as much as possible and we try to minimalize negative impact on our environment. We are on our way to organic viticulutre and this path teaches us and makes us learn a lot.
Remain as natural as possible without sacrificing quality and without being average – this is our goal. We pay attention to our work process and aim to create expressive, sophisticated, exciting and honest wines.


The winemaker

“The winery was heritage, I received it out of the blue. First it meant only obligation to me but then, as time passed, I got to understand that it was my path. It is exactly the way of life I want. I want to create!
Now I am the head of the vineyards, I controll and do all the phases of winemaking in the cellar. I have learnt to enjoy it and I do it a lot! I try to develop continuously and to dedicate time to understand the unique characteristics of each grape variety – and to create something perfect with all this knowledge and experience. This is the base and the centre of my existence. And not only with the wines. I keep innovating, I always have plans and ideas not only regarding the wines, but also the winery and even the whole Eger wine region.
Tradition, past and my father – these are so important for me. I definitely inherited one thing from my father: taking risks. The only bad decision is the mediocre. I believe in the power of astonishing. This is why I adore winemaking: I have a playground for all my ideas and thoughts and it is a way to express myself.” Tibor Gál


The estate

Gál Tibor Winery was founded by Senior Tibor Gál, a world famous winemaker in 1992. He started his career in a state owned wine company in Eger, and in 1989 after a visit and tasting, Marchese Ludovico Antinori invited him to work in Tuscany. Tibor Gál accepted the challenge, he started as a cellar worker and did not stop until becoming chief winemaker of Ornellaia. The family returned to Hungary in 1992 and the winery was founded. First they made wine only of purchased grape. High quality was obvious from the first moment. The first Egri Bikavér was released in 1995 and quite unusually at that time in Hungary Tibor Gál placed emphasis on Pinot Noir as well. in 1997 Tibor Gál bought his first vineyards (“You can make good wines of purchased grapes, but for trully great wines you need your own vineyard” – he said.) He was awarded Winemaker of the Year in 1998, and in the same year he created Ornellaia’s first SuperTuscan blend, which made it to the first place of Wine Spectator Top 100 list in 2001!
Meanwhile he kept on working as a flying winemaker in several estates of the world until his tragic and sudden death in South Africa (he was a consultant of Capaia).
After several hard years and with hard work of the whole family, nowadays Gál Tibor Winery is again a top estate of Hungary under the lead of Tibor Gál Junior.


The estate has vineyards in the following vineyards of Eger:
– Síkhegy, 17.89 hectares, Pinot Noir, Szürkebarát,Tramini, Leányka, Kékfrankos, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon
– Pajados, 15.11 hectares, Kékfrankos, Syrah, Pinot Noir,Kadarka, Viognier, Savignon Blanc,Pinot Blanc
– Tornyos, 4.08 hectares, Kékfrankos
– Áfrika, 3.73 hectares, under planting…
– Nagy-Eged, 1.03 hectares, Kékfrankos, Kadarka


Tibor Gál
3300 Eger, Csiky Sándor utca 10., Hungary




The nose opens with dark chocolate, dried sour cherry and sweet spices – like clove. The palate continues with similar tones: the wine is fiery and its complexity fills our mouth. After some aeration a touch of cardamom is added to the aromas, which goes on in the flavours with some pronounced blackberry notes. Medium acidity in perfect balance with its alcohol integrated into the texture. The aftertaste is dominated by some subtle chocolate notes.


Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2021: the best red wine of the international wine contest.

Dark ruby colour with a slim, garnet edge. Matured, complex nose: ripened black berry fruits complemented with sweet spices and dark chocolate aromas coming from barrel ageing. Great complexity on the palate, rich and deep: notes reminiscent of sour cherry in rum and plum, beautifully decorated by the barrel spices, mainly cinnamon and star anise. Velvety, soft tannins, vibrant acidity. Full bodied wine, and the aftertaste lingers with us for a long time.


Pinot Noir

Intense blackberry and raspberry on the nose while the palate is dominated by strawberry and cherry. Apart from being abundant in fruits, the wine is strikingly refreshing. Round, perfectly balanced, great wine with elegant, refined aftertaste.


With its international accolades and in comparison with other varietal Cabernet Franc wines made in top Franc regions of the world we can proudly claim that it is one of the best Cabernet Franc wines on earth. It beautifully features the soft plum aromas typical of matured, great examples of the variety, which is even more enhanced by the small proportion of Merlot with its blackberry background. Though the wine is made of perfectly ripened berries, there is not even of trace of jammy notes or unpleasant overripeness. Characteristic, masculine wine with no excessed tannin or acidity. Its greatness comes from the fact that everything is on its proper place within the wine.


A true, robust, modern Cabernet Sauvignon. The palate burst in fruits, outstanding balance of tannins and long aftertaste. An impressive, stunning wine already, but it has an ageing potential of at least of a decade with constant developing.


Bikavér Superior

This wine has every perfect characteristic of a great Cabernet Franc to enchant us. Enormous body, plum jam aromas and flavours, toasted coffee and chocolate notes with countless layers of other exciting aroma compounds to discover.


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