Cook with Ezerjó wine!

Does your wine calendar have one more spare day? Great! Prepare for the upcoming Ezerjó Day to celebrate it on 16 May! The initiative was launched by Krisztina Csetvei winemaker from Mór, the home of Ezerjó variety, and soon several other producers joined: Brigád Mór, Geszler Family Winery, Frittmann Winery, Lincz Cellar, Miklóscsabi Cellar, Paulus Wine House and Petőcz Winery.
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Chefs inspired by Ezerjó

Krisztina Csetvei sent some Ezerjó bottles to young, talented chefs, and all of them greeted the idea – and loved the wine. Csaba Sajben from DP BBQ Budapest for example created a spinach dish with quail eggs and potato baked in buckwheat.

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Ezerjó – a good parent

Wines made of Ezerjó grape are usually pale in colour with a greenish shade. Slightly aromatic, and the nose might reveal acacia flower, apple, white petal flowers and even some tropical fruits. Ezerjó is high in acidity – this is why it is so refreshing. Due to its clear, fruity palate Ezerjó is perfectly enjoyable by itself but it is ideal to accompany dishes as well. Besides that, Ezerjó is a capable parent: Ezerjó has outstanding qualities, therefore it was used for the breeding of several new varieties, to name just a few: Zengő, Zeusz, Zenit and Generosa.

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krisztina csetvei mor wine
Krisztina Csetvei, the "engine" of Ezerjó Day

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