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Paulus Rosé at Borkollégium wine school

Paulus Wine House in Mór wine region has been really successful with its rosé wines this year. In May the Merlot–Pinot Noir blend Paulus Rosé 2020 was selected the Rosé of Rosalia Wine Festival, while this autumn the other rosé of the winery, Paulus Gold Rosé 2020 (also Merlot and Pinot) made it to the latest edition of Winelovers 100 Best Hungarian Wines (‘Winelovers 100 Legjobb magyar bor’), in the rosé section. Within the 20 Best Rosé Wines of Hungary this Paulus rosé blend is the 2nd best after Szentpéteri Cabernero Rosé – however, the No1 costs 3 times more, thus Paulus Gold Rosé is definitely the Best value rosé in the magazine.

The Best Value Rosé

“The nose is mainly characterised by strawberry notes. The aromas are intensive enough, but not intrusive. Charming, attractive nose. Clear, pleasant, lovely fruitiness. Refreshing and also complex rosé wine.”

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Wine courses in English

No wonder, the above described great rosé is selected among the wines to be tasted in the oldest wine school of Hungary called Borkollégium. Paulus Wine House is proud to announce: “We have become part of the education material of Borkollégium!”. The wine school in Budapest offers various courses in English language including WSET courses and special courses like “Wines of Hungary”.

More information on the wine courses

Paulus wines are available at Winelovers Webshop. They ship to every European country.

wine school Budapest
Classroom at Borkollégium in Budapest

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