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10th Rosalia festival in Budapest on 2–4 July

Festival season on! Though travelling is still not the easiest sport, people can enter Hungary with vaccination or on business purpose. Rosalia is an outdoor event in the picturesque City Park in the heart of Budapest. The walk around wine exhibition is dedicated mostly to rose still and sparkling wines. Around 50 wineries will pour every style of rosé, just to mention a few: Bock Cellar (Villány), Dúzsi Family Winery (Szekszárd), Dubicz Winery (Mátra), Etyeki Kúria (Etyek), Garamvári Vineyard (Balatonboglár), Gere Tamás & Zsolt Winery (Villány), Haraszthy Vineyard (Etyek), Hilltop Neszmély (Neszmély), Koch Winery (Hajós–Baja), Paulus Wine House (Mór), Teleki Wines (Villány), Vylyan Vineyard and Winery (Villány).

Wine of Rosalia: Paulus Rosé 2020

As we reported earlier, SPAR, chief sponsor of the event announced a rosé contest to find the best rosé of Rosalia. In the first round of the blind tasting 5 of the 60 entries were selected by wine experts while in the second round the winner was chosen (by winelovers): Paulus Rosé from Mór wine region. The Merlot and Pinot Noir blend is abundant in tropical and red berry fruits, and a touch of carbon dioxide makes it more refreshing.

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And an extra feature: the bottle “tells you” when it is empty. Watch the video below.

Cork characters on the glass

A novelty this year is the collectible glass featuring different cork figures. Friends, pairs or solitary cork figures can be chosen along with the stylish cork and others. The cartoons were created by Attila Juhász.

Tickets and restrictions

To enter the festival a ticket and a tasting glass are needed, a ticket, a tasting voucher + glass cost 2200 HUF (around 6.50 euros) in advance. Certificate of vaccination is accepted from several countries, and hopefully this list will grow rapidly.

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