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Dominium Winery, Mátra wine region

About us

Our family winery combines well-earned knowledge and diligent thoroughness with the enthusiasm of youth. The responsibility of making the key decisions is shared among our family members.

Tamás and Dániel are overseeing everyday operations, Tamás cares for the vineyard and Dániel is responsible for the winery, while Mónika is in charge of the paperwork and administration. Tamás Orbán the younger will undertake sales and marketing tasks after finishing his university studies.

We all have a deep respect for nature; we do believe that the wines made in the Mátra region are world-class products, and we made it our goal to reach out through all channels and share this belief with as many people as possible.

Explore Dominium Winery and have a taste of the Mátra wine region’s finest wines!

Our Philosophy

Staying true to nature is the core of our philosophy, both with regard to viniculture and in the process of making quality wine. In practice, this means that we do not use any herbicides, insecticides and absorbable fungicides, instead we supply the grapevine with natural compounds that strengthen the immune system of the plant.

We continue to pursue the ideas of naturalness in the process of wine production.


Our grape varieties

We have selected Hungarian and Carpathian varieties, as well as famous grapes that are known and enjoyed all around the world – but we do not use every variety to make wine.

As far as white wines go, we are most proud of our Muscat Lunel, Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay and Furmint wines.

We use steel vats for fermentation. Some of the varieties are aged with fine lees, other types are produced in process known as bâttonage (lees stirring).

Our red wine varieties include Syrah, Tempranillo, Black Maiden, Turán, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.


”Hiking with us in the Mátra”

A memorable experience for those who like wine and love nature.

Our guesthouse offers 8 rooms, including two superior rooms (with balcony) for 16 people altogether, which can be expanded on request.



CEO: Dániel Orbán
Vineyard manager: Tamás Orbán
Chief winemaker: Dániel Orbán

Address: 3200 Gyöngyös Farkasmály 067/50 lot number
Phone: +36 30 570 38 49



Dominium Chardonnay Battonage 2020

Rich, creamy texture and a slight oak flavour, complete with a mix of fresh fruits.

Dominium Rajnai Rizling 2019

Its bouquet carries citric and floral notes, which are complemented by fruity, mineral flavors on the palate.
Cabernet Franc

Dominium Cabernet Franc 2018

A Cabernet Franc wine that combines the distinctive “Bordeaux flavour notes” with a kind of fruitiness that characterizes. Mátra wine region and especially Dominium winery.


Dominium Syrah 2018

After opening the bottle, mild black fruit aromas meet our senses, gradually revealing the taste of pepper, and a very delicate leathery and smoky aftertaste. As time passes after opening the bottle, so does the wine open up as well, the fruit-driven nature of the wine intensifies, followed by the spiciness inherited from the oak cask. A well-balanced wine with a very enjoyable finish.

Dominium Aragon 2018

Its taste is reminiscent of berries, toasted bread and a little bit of sweet tobacco. This wine is excellent for celebrating a special occasion.

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