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Black Maiden from Mátra: Dominium Feketeleányka

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Dominium Winery is a pioneer in the volcanic Mátra wine region using grape varieties like the Spanish Tempranillo, the ancient Hungarian Turán or the Romanian Fetească Neagră. Feketeleányka is the literal translation of the Romanian name Fetească Neagră, meaning Black Maiden. Dominium makes an outstanding wine of the grape called Grand Feketeleányka, it has just been selected the best red wine at Bor és Piac (‘Wine and Market’) Hungarian trade magazine panel tasting of volcanic wines.

Jubilee wine of the town of Gyöngyös

Our cover photo above is about Feketeleányka 2020, which was the first Fetească Neagră label at Dominium. The 2022 vintage was an excellent year, the fruit of it is called Grand Feketeleányka, a complex, barrel aged, organic wine with great potential.
According to the tasters of the trade magazine it has a “natural, primal force”. Full bodied, yet elegant wine abundant in black berry fruits, mainly blackberry and blueberry. Intense spiciness, chocolate, tobacco – all in nice balance.
It costs 23 000 HUF / 60 EUR and available only at the winery.

Grand Feketelányka has also been selected the Jubilee Wine of Gyöngyös, the capital of Mátra wine region. The town celebrates its 690th anniversary this year, and to commemorate it, the Jubilee Wine (selected in a wine contest blind) will be available in the Tourist Office of Gyöngyös, but only 690 numbered bottles.
Gyöngyös Tourist Office

Dominium Grand Feketeleányka
Dominium Grand Feketeleányka and the winery in Bor és Piac trade magazine

Dániel’s mission

“Our natural wines have their own personalities, and they are not made on the ‘design table’. Our mission is to help the wines carry the message of Mátra, the given vintage and the terroir to the consumers. Every vintage, every vineyard provides a different experience. We believe that as winemakers, our job is to help these wines be born, like midwives help deliver children” – says Dániel Orbán, the winemaker and co-owner of Dominium.

Dominium wines are available in several wine shops in Hungary, like Ab Ovo wine shop or the webshop of Dominium. In case you are interested in importing Dominium wines, contact Dániel Orbán.

Dominium Guest House – the best place to taste

The well equipped, lovely guest house is ideal base for those, who plan to discover Mátra mountain. Recently the guest house has been equipped with three e-bikes and 2 bikes, thus friends and families have a new way to wander in the neighbourhood.

More about the guest house and booking

Dominium guest house e-bikes

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