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Not a single week can pass without a new piece of news around Csetvei Cellar in Mór. Krisztina Csetvei keeps their followers posted, and Csetvei fans form a happy community. Kriszti shares insider info on their Facebook page in Hungarian, however the number of international followers is going, so we summarize the recent updates for them.

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It’s high time then! Here is a list of importers:  Belgium (Roi de Rois), Italy (Vino Ungherese), Poland (Lutomski Vino), Slovakia (VinoBro Weisz), Switzerland (Boár Wines ), UK (Malux Hungarian Wine and Spirit), USA (Rooted Selections)

What’s happening at Csetvei estate

– The team has started the harvest, Chardonnay for the bottle harvested sparkling wine has already been picked, now Pinot Gris (‘Szürkebarát’) is the next. The grape is healthy, the vintage is promising.

– The new vintage of Frici Noir, the only red wine of the estate is on the shelves. Frici is Kriszti’s husband and partner in every part of the cellar work, the Pinot Noir is dedicated to him. Frici Noir 2021 fermented spontaneously in open vats for about three weeks. Aged in Hungarian oak barrel and they bottled it without clearing and filtering, with only a pinch of sulphur. Only two barrels were made, thus the quantity is really limited.

RAW/ka is a new project by the ever-experimenting Krisztina Csetvei. It is a family of two wines, one is Ezerjó from Mór wine region, the other is Juhfark from volcanic Somló, where Csetvei has a small vineyard as well. Both grapes are flagship grapes of their region and both wines are made with the least possible intervention. Organic grapes, no clearing, no filtration, no sulphur – practically nothing added. The ageing takes at least a year, the latest vintage is still resting in the cellar. The name RAW/ka is a pun – raw refers to the natural aspect, and if we add -ka, we get a Hungarian word, ‘róka’, meaning fox, which might refer to the colour of the unfiltered wine, but -‘ka’ is also a suffix meaning little (diminutive), referring to the small scale of the project.

– ‘Napholdcsillag’ new vintage is released! The flagship blend of the cellar, Napholdcsillag 2021 is available at the Hungarian partners ( ships abroad as well). The name means ‘SunMoonStar’ and it is the only blend of the cellar, the first wine of Krisztina. A blend of Chardonnay, Szürkebarát (Pinot Gris) and Ezerjó, a complex, exciting, elegant wine with vanilla, spices, citrus notes and tropical fruits.

‘Drágakő’, the first sweet Csetvei wine is available. ‘Drágakő’ means gem or precious stone and it is a 100% Olaszrizling wine from the volcanic Somló vineyard of the estate. Gentle pressing, quick processing, spontaneous fermentation in barrels and then stopping the fermentation with cooling. 70 g/l residual sugar and 7 g/l total acid.

– Meet Krisztina Csetvei at the next edition of Juhfark Celebration on 22 October in Somló, where 17 wineries present their Juhfark wines in one place.

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