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An amazing Cabernet Franc masterclass and other tips

On 4 December, 2017 a stunning mastercass awaits wine professionals in Taiwan Wine Academy with at least 14 Cabernet Franc wines from all over the world – of course with Hungary included.

First time in Asia, this year Taiwan joins the #CabFrancDay movement with a unique tasting. Organized by a local wine enthusiast Gyula Weeber, a carefully selected set of 14 Cabernet Franc from all the major Cabernet Franc producer countries will be tasted by wine journalists, lecturers, and sommeliers. #CabFrancDay started by Dracaena Wine’s Lori Hoyt Budd from Lodi (USA), who felt Cabernet Franc, as the parent of the widely grown Cabernet Sauvignon, deserves more than being a blending variety. „Originally I was trying to promote Hungarian Cabernet Franc, but then I realized, the market doesn’t have enough information about the variety. So I wanted to try them all, to learn more – together. I was looking for those 100% Cabernet Francs, which were made with passion for this great variety” Gyula Weeber organizer told us. It seems that he succeeded in that task, as participants will truly „try them all”. Here is the list of countries that will be represented: France, Italy, US, Hungary, Chile, South Africa, Spain, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Uruguay, Brazil, New Zealand and Turkey. Hungarian Cabernet Franc will arrive from Heumann Winery, Villány.

Location: Taiwan Wine Academy (No. 32, Lane 164, Hulin Street, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110)
Contact: Weebergy@gmail.com

#CabFrancDay – December 4th?

This is how the American winemaker couple – whose idea the day was – picked the date: “I didn’t just randomly choose a day.  I wanted a day with historical significance.  Cabernet Franc is believed to have been established in the Libournais region of southwest France sometime in the 17th century, when Cardinal Richelieu transported cuttings from the Abbey of Bourgeil to the Loire Valley. During his political tenure he was vitally involved in the reform of France. King Louis XIV continued in Richelieu’s vision of creating an absolute monarchy. Historically, Richelieu’s motives are debatable.  Some historians believe him to be a patriotic supporter of the monarchy, while other claim he was simply a power-hungry cynic which is how he is portrayed in the Dumas novel “The Three Musketeers.” Cardinal Richelieu died on December 4, 1642 at the age of 57. It is on this date that I chose to celebrate the grape, that without him, we would not have.”

Celebrate the day in Villány…

And a bit earlier you can enjoy one of the best Hungarian wine events in Villány – this Saturday (25 November) Franc & Franc International Tasting Day for the third time!

Celebrate anywhere!

If you happen to be far from Taiwan, you can enjoy great Hungarian Cabernet Franc wines anywhere, here are a few suggestions in three different price categories – still in time to order them:

Vylyan Premium Villányi Franc, Villány, 2015 (6,72 euros / palette ex cellar)

This wine displays a beautiful balance with vivid acidity and velvety tannins. It has a complex character in which refreshing fruitiness plays with opulent barrel notes.

Weninger–Gere Villányi Franc, Villány, 2012 (22–23 euros ex cellar)

Toasty aromas and vanilla. Sweet on the nose cooled with sone eucalypt, refreshed by black and red berry fruits. On the palate the fruits are still slightly in the background, but show full ripeness, especially the dried blackberry, blueberry and sour cherry. Its tannins are not exaggerated, they are refined, ripe and let the flavours develop. The acidity is pleasant, eases the rather heavy character of the wine given by the vintage. Deep, dark colour with rich flavours and long length. A wine with great ageing potential.

Sauska Cabernet Franc, Villány, 2012 (45–46 euros ex cellar)

Deep purple, almost black. Toasted wood, blueberry, plum and blackberry in the nose along with prune, cinnamon, truffle cream and cocoa. Sweet spices and chocolate characterize the mouthfeel and lead to the long and layered finish. Clean and well-structured with well-integrated tannins.

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