Filia wine bar Poland Szczecin

Filia – a wine bar to go in Szczecin, Poland

200 wines including Babarczi, Gere Attila, St Andrea, Patricius

Szczecin is a cultural centre of western Poland with several theatres, a philharmonic orchestra, libraries, universities and the National Museum. A picturesque city containing a castle, town hall, countless monuments, parks with lovely lakes. Filia is a popular wine bar offering 200 different wines from Europe. Filia offers food as well, though, as Kasia Ronin-Walknowska, one of the owners say: “We don’t like calling ourselves a restaurant – although in our kitchen there are excellent dishes –, we prefer the term wine bar with a bistro.”  The menu changes weekly, and they also offer 10 different wines by the glass every week.

Filia Wine Bar Szczecin Poland

A wine bar created with passion and love

Filia is run by a couple, Kasia and Zemek. Zemek has been importing wine, mostly from Europe, for over 15 years. At the beginning he worked for a friend, but “for 6 years he has been working for his wife” – says Kasia, joking. The Hungarian range is selected carefully by themselves, they visited Hungary several times and tasted many wines, also at Budapest Wine Festival in the Castle of Buda and they even participated in the legendary private tastings of Imre Kaló (Kaló is a craft winemaker with peculiar wines, which are not available outside his cellar).

Filia wine bar Poland Kasia and Zemek

Szczecin loves Hungarian wines

Hungarian wines sell well at Filia – no wonder, the selection is really good. The Hungarian selection includes Patricius wines from Tokaj, Simon and St Andrea wines from Eger, Gere A wines from Villány and a since March a new label from Pannonhalma: Babarczi Vineyard and Winery. Babarczi is a family winery making crispy, fruity, gorgeous reductive white wines (Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are very popular at Filia), and Sirius, the oak aged Chardonnay is also a masterpiece. For a few years they have been making red wines as well, from Kékfrankos and Merlot, with great success.

More about Filia wine bar

More about Babarczi Vineyard and Winery is happy to have helped connect Filia with Babarczi Vineyard and Winery. If you are looking for great quality Hungarian wines, contact us!

Babarczi wines at Filia wine bar, Poland

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