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About the Patricius Winery

The Patricius Winery was established by the Kékessy family’s oenological vocation for  the future, which vocation is cherishing from the past. The owners are Dezső Kékessy and his daughter Katinka Kékessy. The family’s ancestors both in maternal and paternal ascending line were well-known vineyard owners in the regions of the hills of Mátra and Tokaj from the 18th century The winery is a rebuilt wine-press house in vineyard Várhegy. The building was owned by the counts of Wolkenstein and Falkenheim, the Jesuits and the Széchenyi – Falkenstein, Rákóczi and Hohenlohe families.  It always was a simple press – house, however, it already appears in the Tokaj – Hegyalja Album in 1867. Keeping some of the old walls, a new modern winery was built.

Our vineyards

The rock and the soil on it both are very rich and diverse in our vineyards. We have grows in seven vineyards, around five villages.

  • Szárhegy-dűlő, Sárazsadány
  • Czigány-dűlő, Bodrogkisfalud
  • Várhegy-dűlő, Bodrogkisfalud
  • Lapis-dűlő, Bodrogkeresztúr
  • Bendecz-dűlő, Bodrogkeresztúr
  • Sajgó-dűlő, Bodrogkeresztúr
  • Teleki-dűlő, Tokaj

We profess that the quality of the grapes determinates the quality of the wines, so we are trying to utilize the potential of the land as much as we can. Important parts of it are the limitation of the quantity by the pruning, the selection of sprouts, the green harvest and the summer selection of the yield.



At the conclusion of the gravity flow vinification process, the wines go into separate cellars based on their vineyard of origin. Here we can refine them according to the rich characteristics of each terroir. The colorful nature of our vineyards, the variations in bedrock, soil, and microclimate, these are all distinguishable in our wines. A cornerstone of our philosophy is to better understand the essential qualities of each vineyard, and with the passing of each year rebuild the centuries of knowledge that ruptured after the war. The main goal of our winemaking process is complexity, harmony, and balance. In the best years we release small batch selections of our most outstanding vineyards.

It is our mission to elevate the dry Tokaj wines to their worthy rank. For these we harvest only the entirely ripe and healthy clusters.

Our first late harvest wine was made in 2003. During harvest, care is taken to choose clusters that contain both ripe grapes alongside fully and partially botrytized grapes. During vinification we do not separate the botrytized from the non-botrytized grapes. The aroma and flavor of the botrytized aszú grapes as well as the varietal characteristics account for the wonderful balance of our late harvest wines.

To make Aszú wines, we continuously pick and select the botrytized grapes according to plot and vineyard, and, naturally, the base must is pressed from the healthy ripe clusters of the same plot. We begin to ferment the base must and then pour it onto the botrytized grapes in a proportion suitable to the quality of the vintage and the vineyards’ individual traits. Following the slow fermentation, we age the Aszú wines in oak for 2½–4 years and store it in carved tufa stone cellars ideal for temperature and humidity. Bottling takes place at the zenith of oak maturation, which of course is different for every vintage. An important part of our winemaking philosophy is bottled ageing which completes the wine and refines the balance. A wine of exceptionally silky structure and balance is produced from these shriveled grapes thanks to the unique microclimate and soil.


General Manager: Péter Molnár PhD. –
Export: Koppány Nádassy –

You can reach  us at:

Patricius Borház Kft.
3917 Bodrogkisfalud, Várhegy – dűlő
Tel: +36 47 396 001        Fax: +36 47 596 027

Opening hours for visitors:

All year long: Monday – Friday from 8.00 – 16.00
If you wish to visit us at a different time, please, contact us in advance.




This wine boasts a distinctive fruity varietal character, complemented with a perfumed nose due to Furmint grape. The palate combines nice minerality and elegant, vibrant acidity to deliver the same fruitiness as the nose with peach and a touch of almond and make a well-balanced and easy-to-drink terroir white wine.

Furmint Selection


Elegant harmony of fruitiness and fine oak aromas. On palate it has a unique balance with some spicy nose. The creamy body is supported by subtle minerality and structured, smooth acidity framed with hearty alcohol and discrete, oak-derived tannin. A rich white wine with long, refreshing aftertaste characterized by citrus aromas.


PATRICIUS Tokaji Noble Late Harvest Katinka 2017

A reference point among the late harvest wines of the Tokaj Wine Region. Selected bunches containing healthy, over-ripened and partly botrytized berries which were picked during the late – autumn harvest. The characteristic varietal notes of Furmint and Yellow Muscat form the foundation of this wine, braced by minerality and zippy acidity for great balance and topped off with an incredibly long finish and creaminess.


Patricius Sparkling Wine Brut

A terroir sparkling wine made by traditional method shows the characteristics of the volcanic Tokaj soil. Hárslevelű, Furmint and Yellow Muscat blending. The fruity notes of Hárslevelű and Yellow Muscat are nicely completed by the amazing acidity of the Furmint and the signs of bottle fermentation and ageing.

aszu 6p

PATRICIUS Tokaji 6 puttonyos Aszú 2016

Nicest aromas of botrytized berries followed by enormous, high structure and full body. Long, smooth, endless taste and exceptional deepness of peach, apricot and fig character. Full of Tokaj.

Aszu 6p selection

PATRICIUS Tokaji 6 puttonyos Aszú single vineyard 2000

Majestic and smooth in the glass, its fragrance evokes aromas of peach and exotic spices. Its bouquet is concentrated and full and is unbelievably long in the mouth. Of exceptional longevity, this wine ages particularly well in


PATRICIUS Tokaji Aszúeszencia 2002

Wine of complexity. Full-bodied structure, very concentrated aromas of the botrytized berries are raising the taste onto an unbelievable level. Minerality of the terroir and the barrel ageing character are coming gently from the background.


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