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Tokaj wine is usually cited as the „king of the wines – wine of the kings” (after Louis the 14th French king, who adored the sweet wines from Hungarian Tokaj wine region). Now a brand new winery called Juliet Victor has come to the world to „put the crown on”. The winery has vineyards in some of the most precious places near the iconic village of Mád, and their wines are made with the maximum attention to details, the maximum respect of traditions and with the maximum use of modern techniques. What’s more: their webshop works quickly and efficiently, try it now!

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If you place your order before midnight (Central European Time) 19th December, your wines will arrive before Christmas, and delivery is free of charge! Is Christmas impossible without Tokaj wines? Well, we must admit, not impossible, but definitely less fabulous than with Tokaj. So why not trying the amazing dry Furmint wines or the sweet Szamorodni of Juliet Victor? This latter one will undoubtedly give an unforgettable experience, worthy of Christmas. „Crystal clear golden colour with bright gold reflections. High viscosity, noble full body. Clear, developed, intense nose with sweet, luscious, vibrant apricot, savoury apple, silky vanilla, velvety white chocolate and discrete liquor notes – all of them appear in turn besides the botrytis typical of Tokaj wine region. Sweet palate with refreshing acidity. Candied citrus fruits, fully ripened apple and tea notes make the pleasure of the prolonged, exceptional taste more complex. Not only a wine with enchanting colour and stunning character, but with perfect elegance and long ageing potential.”
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Did you know?

Szamorodni is a traditional style made in Tokaj wine region. The original word is Polish meaning ‘as it was grown’, or as it was shrivelled on the vine. A traditional Tokaji wine made from bunches containing both healthy and botrytised grapes. It can be both sweet or dry.

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