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Grand Tokaj Kővágó Furmint and chicken with vinegar sauce

Isa Bal Master Sommelier, co-founder and sommelier of Trivet restaurant in London shared some food pairing ideas of Furmint in a recent article on Caroline Gilby MW, author of the article praises the versatility of Furmint variety, and Isa Bal illustrates this opinion brilliantly by his food pairing ideas.

Decanter article is available only for subscribers, therefore we cannot share all the ideas, let us just mention a few.

– With unoaked Furmint like Patricius Furmint 2019 Isa Bal created Japanese tempura of red mullet and sea vegetables, with mild sweet and sour dip with a touch of spiciness.

– Furmint with some oak ageing like Zsirai Estate Furmint would pair well well with seared scallop confit Kombu, with purée of sesame and pickled Hand of Buddha.

– A single vineyard, richer, ‘Chardonnay style’ Furmint like Grand Tokaj Kővágó Furmint 2019 Isa Bal made chicken with a vinegar sauce, lyonnaise potatoes and braised turnips. As he commented: The sauce is based on vinegar and shallots that are finely chopped, thus high in acidity in itself. The crisp skin of the chicken provides further textural interest. Such a rich and complex dish works in perfect harmony with a full-bodied dry Furmint that boasts layers of flavours.

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chicken with vinegar sauce
Chicken with a vinegar sauce Lyonnaise Potatoes and Braised Turnips by Trivet Restaurant, London

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