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Happy guests, sold out wines – KNW recipe for success

Kovács Nimród Winery is undoubtedly one of the leading wineries of Hungary, always with outstanding quality, continuously with some novelties to speak about. As Nimród Kovács, the owner (above the first photo) commented in a recent interview: “our team remained intact in spite of the difficulties of the past period, actually, there is no fluctuation at our estate.” Maybe this is the key. A happy, satisfied team…

Chardonnay and Pinot from “the other Burgundy”

Nimród Kovács keeps saying that Eger wine region shares many similarities with Burgundy, now wonder the grapes of Burgundy feel good here. Kovács Nimród Battonage Chardonnay (yes, with double ‘t’) is one of the most popular examples of the variety in Hungary, it is available on the wine list of many top restaurants. Recently the wine was selected the best wine of the month in Vince magazine, the leading print wine magazine of Hungary. A sign of the success is that many other wineries started to use the ‘American formula’ of the word bâtonnage instead of the French spelling. KNW 777 Pinot Noir – from a Dijon clone – is also among the most highly appreciated wines.
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Kovacs Nimrod Battonage Chardonnay Eger

Jazz – plays well all over the world

Isn’t it obvious that someone here is passionate about music? Soul Syrah, Blues Kékfrankos – music is all around us, and Nimród Kovács suggests us to enjoy these wines when listening to music. Another piece of news of success here: Jazz, the Superior Bikavér of the estate has recently been selected by the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Affairs therefore the wine will be offered and events at the embassies of Hungary all around the world.
Fun fact: At the latest Egri Bikavér Festivity 200 bottles of Egri Bikavér wines were locked in the Castle of Eger for 30 years. The wines will be opened in 2052 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the famous siege of Eger. Kovács Nimród Winery left some bottles of Jazz Egri Bikavér Superior 2017 for the future generation of winelovers.
Certainly, one of the best places to taste Jazz and “all the genres” in Eger, at the cellar, under the romantic cellar arches. Visitors can choose between different tours combined with tasting, and prior booking is necessary – well in advance.

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Jazz Kovács Nimród Winery Eger Hungary

Sold out in a wink

Nagy-Eged, the mountain of Eger with unique terroir has already proved its potential. The vintages of KNW Sky Furmint have won several acknowledgements, and the two red icons, NJK and Grand Bleu are the dream wines of many wine enthusiasts. Recently the estate released a new red from Nagy-Eged in a very limited quantity. The new Syrah is called WOW from a very small, half hectare parcel of Nagy-Eged. Only one barrel was made and it was sold out immediately. We will let you know in time when the next vintage comes out! Meanwhile you can order the stunning NJK or the gorgeous Grand Bleu from here

Kovacs Nimrod WOW Syrah Eger Hungary

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