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Katinka is a fruity, elegant, seductive late harvest wine from Patricius Winery, Tokaj. It is always among the top selling wines of Budapest Airport – in some years it is indeed the No1 sold wine. The name Katinka is a version of Kate or Kathleen – with “ka” at the end, which is the diminutive ending, so it was used for young girls named Kate, but by now it has become an independent name.

Katinka in 2021

The latest vintage of Katinka is 2021 and is made of Furmint, Zéta, Sárgamuskotály and Kövérszőlő. The recipe is not written in stone, it varies according to the vintage. Its 136.9 g/ L residual sugar is beautifully balanced by 8.11 g/L acidity. “A reference point among the late harvest wines of the Tokaj Wine Region. Selected bunches containing healthy, over-ripened and partly botrytized berries which were picked during the late – autumn harvest. The characteristic varietal notes of Furmint and Yellow Muscat form the foundation of this wine, braced by minerality and zippy acidity for great balance and topped off with an incredibly long finish and creaminess.”

Patricius wines are available in several countries, for example in the United Kingdom (Enotria & Coe) and in the United States (Citadella Imports).

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