Home made sausage with Tokaji

Did you know that Tokaji, the sweet king of wines is not only a drink of Christmas? Let’s break the taboos and try Tokaji with something new! A glass in the dish, another glass with the dish… A great recipe from one of the trendiest bistros of Budapest.



800 g mangalica pork (2/3 mangalica shoulder, 1/3
mangalica szalonna (fatty bacon))
150 g salt,
1.5 l marinade
80 ml Tokaji Aszú
16 g ground, slightly spicy paprika
2 g ground caraway
1 g grated garlic
1.6 g grated ginger
1.6 g ground chili
1.6 g ground pepper


Reduce the wine down to half on a low heat. Mince the mean and bacon on a large-holed mincer. Weigh out the other ingredients and mix together with the minced meat and Tokaji reduction. Fill the sausage casings and prick the sausage.
Pre-cook the sausage in a pan and then finish off in the oven at 180°C.


Recommended wine

Zsirai Tokaji Édes Szamorodni

The slightly spicy kolbász sausage provides a pleasant harmony with the not overly sweet Szamorodni.


The recipe is from Pest-Buda Bistro, a trendy bistro in the Castle District, an UNESCO World Heritage site of Budapest.




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