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untitledThe author of this new book has made more than 500 interviews in the past 15 years, and published several book in his series of “This is how they cook”. In the new album published in English 30 winemakers and 30 famous Hungarians speak about their passion for food and wine. Georg von Habsburg arch prince, Andy Vajna Hungary born Hollywood producer, world famous opera star Andrea Rost, László Cseh Olympic champion in swimming are just some of the names from the book called How To Cook in Hungary – Food & Wine. József Bock, János Eszterbauer, Tamás Tornai, István Frittmann – to mention some of the 30 winemakers depicted in the book. 184 pages, 60 interviews, more than 80 recipes, stories, wine recommendations – all in one book for 9950 HUF (35 euros) + shipment.

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Oven roasted goose legs with braised cabbage á la István Frittmann

Ingredients (for 4 people):

4 goose legs
goose fat

1 medium red cabbage
3 tablespoons of sugar
2 teaspoons of vinegar
ground caraway seeds

approx. 1 kg potatoes
1 large egg

Arrange the goose legs on a tray, add a little goose fat on top, salt and some pepper, then place them in the hot oven. Roast the goose legs at 120 degrees until nice and crispy, which takes about 2.5–3 hours, turning them over 3-4 times.
While the legs are roasting, prepare the braised cabbage. Julienne the red cabbage into 4-5 cm long strips and place in a pot. Add goose fat on top and a pinch of salt. When the fat has melted, add the sugar, the ground caraway seeds and vinegar, then 100 ml of water. Braise the cabbage under cover until tender. Boil the finely diced potatoes in salty water and mash them when still hot. When cooled, add an egg, some salt and nutmeg and flour to obtain a workable dough. Shape small balls and boil them in salty boiling water. Fry the boiled potato balls in the goose fat until golden brown.

Fahordós Ezerjó 2013

Wine recommendation:

Ezerjó fahordós FPV 2013

Bright yellow colour. On the nose yellow fruits and some honey, butter and vanilla notes. On the palate medium intensity, the aromas follow the nose with apple, pear, mango and some roasted notes which make the wine creamy, however the structure is dominant by the firm, vivid acidity. Long finish with spicy character.

My favourite dessert: My mother’s homemade strudels

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