Hungarian Wine Expo in Riga, Latvia

“Taste yourself through Hungary”

On 23–24 October, 2017 Gallery Park Hotel & SPA in Riga will turn into “little Hungary”. VĪNA VIETA importer of Hungarian wines is organizer of the two day event in cooperation with the Hungarian embassy. On the first day an open tasting will await participants, while on the second day Frank Smulders MW and Janis Volkinsteins will conduct masterclasses. Frank Smulders MW has a deep knowledge of Hungarian wines, he has visited Hungary several times, once he was a guest speaker of VinCE Budapest wine event. Janis Volkinstein is an experienced sommelier at Vieta wine bar.  The event will showcase a great selection of Hungarian wines from Sopron to Tokaj. Five wineries will be represented by a member of the winery – for example Tóth Ferenc Winery from Eger. Participants can taste wines from St. Andrea (Eger),  Patricius (Tokaj), Garamvári (South Balaton), Haraszthy (Etyek–Buda(, Kreinbacher (Somló), Bock (Villány), Weninger (Sopron), Szepsy (Tokaj), Tibor Gal (Eger), Pfneiszl (Sopron), Szent Tamás (Tokaj), Demeter Zoltán (Tokaj), Ballasa (Tokaj), Puklus (Tokaj), Ambrus Bakó (Badacsony), Laposa (Badacsony), Pendits (Tokaj), Gallay (Bükk), St. Donat (Balatonfüred).
The tasting day is admission free, but registration is needed. Frank Smulders MW’s masterclass costs 59 euros, tickets should be booked. Please, e-mail to Telephone: +37-1-28324631

Taste our wines made of indigenous grapes

Do you like exploring new taste, new styles, wines made of unknown grapes? Then Hungarian Wine Expo is a place for you. Here are some ideas how to start your walking around tasting.


Kékfrankos is the most planted red grape in Hungary. It gives fruity, elegant, complex wines with long ageing potential. A lovely example will be presented by Tóth Ferenc Winery – visit their table and taste Kékfrankos as a varietal wine and then in a blend (in their famous Bikavér).


The “flagship” grape variety of Hungary. It ripens late and has a nose of fresh fruits, often compared to ripe pear. Its significant acidity and alcohol produce characterful wines sometimes with a touch of tartness. Furmint originates from Tokaj, and there are several evidences to prove that, one of them is the mention of the variety as early as 1611 in a document from Erdőbénye, Tokaj region. Why not taste it with bubbles? Garamvári Tokaji Furmint Brut is a wonderful evidence how versatile this grape is.

Irsai Olivér

Ripening early, it gives a very aromatic, intense wine with grapey aromas, delicate spices. Easy drinking wine with medium-low acidity and alcohol, almost always vinified reductively for instant consumption. A beautiful example is Haraszthy Sir Irsai (for the story of Irsai, read our Grape Dictionary).


Juhfark is grown almost exclusively in the small volcanic hill of Somló, a small amount in Balatonfüred. Rather neutral, restrained nose with some flowers and green apples. High, sometimes brutal acidity. It is really difficult to tame this variety, but there are amazing examples of it in history! If you are not afraid of straightforward acidity, take a chance on it, taste Kreinbacher Juhfark!


It is grown all over Hungary, in fact the most widely planted grape in the country, and popular in the whole Carpathian basin. It ripens rather late, in good vintages even shrivels. When young, there are flowers on the nose, on the palate full of flavours and there is a little bitter almond note in its aftertaste. It has a pleasant, refreshing acidity. Olaszrizling is capable of long barrel aging. Laposa Selection Olaszrizling is an evidence of the great potential of the variety.


Its wine is more aromatic than Furmint with delicate linden honey aromas, sometimes elderflower. Elegant, subtle wine can be made from Hárslevelű with refined acidity, creamy texture and a touch of spices. Its name is literally ‘linden leaf’ and comes from the shape of the leaf which resembles that of the tree. According to some recent DNA researches Furmint is the parent of Hárslevelű.
Taste it in the “king of the wines”, in a beautiful Tokaji Aszú by Patricius.

Cabernet Franc

It is a kind of odd one out here – it is not an indigenous variety of course, however “Cabernet Franc has found its natural home in Villány” – said Michael Broadbent renowned British wine expert, and the wine region does his best to make the grape feel comfortable there. Bock Cabernet Franc is a complex, beautiful example of the variety.

October is dedicated to Hungary

The Hungarian Days in Latvia have become a tradition dedicated to strengthening and celebrating cultural relations between Hungary and the Republic of Latvia since 2015. The Hungarian Days provide both Latvians and foreign visitors with opportunities to participate in, and enjoy all forms of arts and culture. Through the one month event marathon, Hungarian artists and Latvian partners come together and invite everyone to participate in interactive and educational activities to discover Hungarian cultural spirit and passion.

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